What's new in BackupAssist 10

BackupAssist 10 introduces 3 new features that will make your backups more versatile, secure and easy to manage.

Cloud Backup add-on

Cloud Backup is a BackupAssist add-on that allows you to back up data to Microsoft Azure Blob Storage, Amazon S3, S3 Compatible cloud storage or WebDAV enabled cloud storage. Cloud Backup is a best practice cyber-resilience solution and is our recommended backup type for all servers.

Ransomware Protection

CryptoSafeGuard is a new BackupAssist tool that protects backups from ransomware attack and prevents ransomware-encrypted files from being backed up. CryptoSafeGuard is available for BackupAssist 10.1 (or newer) users with valid BackupCare.

To learn more, see BackupAssist CryptoSafeGuard

Windows Server 2016 Hyper-V support

BackupAssist 10 introduces support for two new Windows Server Hyper-V 2016 features: Nested Virtualization and Shielded VMs. It also includes support for Hyper-V Cluster Shared Volumes on Windows Server 2016.

Nested Virtualization

Allows you to run a Hyper-V Server on a virtual machine that is itself running on a Hyper-V Server. BackupAssist can back up, restore and recover a nested VM as long as BackupAssist is installed on that VMs Hyper-V Server.

Shielded VMs

Allows you to restrict access to Hyper-V guests so that they cannot be accessed by Hyper-V administrators. This means administrators cannot access a Shielded VMs contents, change its settings or copy or move it, unless the administrator has explicit permission to do so, and does so by authenticating through the Shielded VM.

New online documentation portal

BackupAssist 10 introduces a brand new documentation portal that integrates BackupAssist's documentation, resources, knowledge base and in-product help into an HTML 5 website.

The BackupAssist 10 documentation introduces the following features:

  • Responsive layout so you can view the documentation on your phone or mobile device
  • A new search function that searches all types of documentation and allows you to filter the types of content shown
  • A new browsing menu with a simpler and more intuitive layout
  • New context-sensitive help topics linked from BackupAssist's Manage screen
  • A space-saving layout with pop-up screen shots and drop-down lists that make it easy to navigate each page.

To learn more about the new documentation, see Using BackupAssist help