BackupAssist overview

BackupAssist is a Windows Server backup and recovery solution. It includes support for Hyper-V, Exchange and SQL backups and has add-ons for cloud destinations, granular restores and advanced VM protection.

Backup your data

With BackupAssist, you can protect your data simply and securely using our replication, imaging and cloud backup solutions. These backup types support BitLocker encryption and a large range of backup destinations.

To learn how to best protect your data, see Best Practice Backups with BackupAssist Classic

Restore your data

BackupAssist has a set of powerful features that can restore files and applications using a guided restore process. You can also purchase add-ons that allow you to restore files into VMs, mail items into mailboxes and perform point-in-time restore of SQL databases.

Recover your data

BackupAssist can swiftly recover a server to a previous operating state. The recovery process can be initiated using a Bootable Media or a Bootable Backup, and there are also specialized recovery features for VMs.

Hyper-V Protection

BackupAssist's support for Hyper-V includes a dedicated Hyper-V tab where you can view all of your VMs, the ability to spin up crashed VMs in seconds and granular restores of data using a single backup of multiple VMs.

Remote Management

BackupAssist MultiSite Manager is a web application that allows you to remotely administer BackupAssist computers over the internet. MultiSite Manager is installed onto the computer that will manage your BackupAssist computers.