Destination doesn’t support copying NTFS attributes or user doesn’t have sufficient privileges

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BackupAssist version 4.2 and later.


The selected files will be backed up, but the security attributes and NTFS data streams for those files could not be opened and will not have been backed up.

The NTFS security attributes data stream is the most notable, because it contains a file's security attributes, which will not be restored with the file. These attributes can be manually configured using Windows once the file has been restored.


There are 3 possible resolutions for this problem and each is shown below.

Resolution 1 - Use a destination that is NTFS formatted

The destination could not support NTFS attributes because only the NTFS format can hold the attributes correctly. If you require these attributes, you should use a backup destination that is already formatted with NTFS or format the current destination using NTFS.

More information can be found in our NTFS data streams article

Resolution 2 - Check the Backup User Identity's permissions access the NTFS streams.

Check that your Backup User Identity has been set and has the required access. To view your current Backup User Identity, select the Settings tab > Backup User Identity and you'll see the following dialogue box appear.

Backup User Identity

Note: For BackupAssist 10.4.2 and earlier, the Backup User Identity is used for all backup jobs and the account may have been created with custom access levels. For 10.4.3 and later, a Backup User Identity is only required for Jobs that have a NAS destination or the SQL add-on, and in these cases, the Backup User Identity should be a member of the Administrators group.

What to check

  • For BackupAssist 10.4.2 or earlier - check that the account is still selected, enabled and has the required access.
  • For BackupAssist 10.4.3 and later, check that the account is still selected, enabled and a member of the administrators group.
  • To check the permissions properly, you can log into the backup server using the Backup User Identity account and check that you can read and write to the backup destination without any authentication requests or errors.
  • If backup account's password is changed in Windows, it will need to be changed in BackupAssist.

To learn more, see Backup user identity

For further information, see KB article BA708 A required privilege is not held by the client

Resolution 3 - If NTFS permissions are not required

If NTFS data is not required, BackupAssist can be configured to exclude this information from the backup. This will remove the warning from the backup report as well.

To turn off copying the NTFS security attributes or alternate data streams, follow the steps below:

For File Protection jobs

  1. Select Manage Backup Jobs.
  2. Select the backup job.
  3. Select Edit from the top menu.
  4. Select Replication Options from the options on the left.
  5. From Copy NTFS security attributes and alternate data streams select For backups of VSS applications.

Manage : Replication options

To learn more see Manage : Replication Options

For File Archiving jobs

  1. Select Manage Backup Jobs.
  2. Select the backup job.
  3. Select Edit from the top menu.
  4. Click on Zip Options down the left hand side.
  5. Tick Suppress NTFS streams warnings.

Manage : Zip options

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