MultiSite Manager Setup Guide

This guide explains how to set up and configure MultiSite Manager, an application that is installed onto the computer that will manage your BackupAssist Classic computers. This computer will be the MultiSite Manager and you can interface with it using a web browser.

Implementation overview

All of the computers to be managed by MultiSite Manager are grouped into sites, which are LANs containing the managed BackupAssist Classic computers. One computer in each site is made a Site Controller, which connects to the MultiSite Manager and communicates on behalf of its site. All other BackupAssist computers in the site are added to the Site Controller.

Implementation walk through

This walk through explains the sequence of steps that should be followed to implement a MultiSite Manager solution. These steps summarize the information found in the following sections of this guide.

MultiSite Manager installation

BackupAssist MultiSite Manager is a stand-alone product that is installed onto a computer that will become the MultiSite Manager. BackupAssist Classic does not need to be installed on this computer.

MultiSite Manager configuration

The first time you launch MultiSite Manager, you will be presented with a setup screen to create a Multisite Manager username and password, and an option to enable HTTPS communication.

MultiSite Manager license registration

When you first install MultiSite Manager, you will have a free 30-day FREE trial of the product. After 30 days, you will need a MultiSite Manager’s license subscription. To purchase a MultiSite Manager license subscription, go to the BackupAssist Purchase page and select either a 12 or 24-month subscription. Once you have your license key, it will need to be registered with your MultiSite Manager installation, using the MultiSite Manager License info dialog.

Firewall and router configuration

To enable communication between the MultiSite Manager and each site over the internet, you need to make the following changes to your MultiSite Manager’s firewall and router. To administer multiple sites, you only need to make changes on the MultiSite Manager’s firewall and router/switch. You do not need to make any changes to the firewalls and routers on any of the remote sites.

MultiSite Manager solution setup

This section explains how to use BackupAssist’s Remote tab and MultiSite Manager to set up a managed BackupAssist Classic Computer and a Site Controller. A MultiSite Manager must be set up before a Site Controller can be registered to it. Once a Site Controller has been registered, BackupAssist computers can be added.

Opening MultiSite Manager

Once you have set up MultiSite Manager you can open the application using either the shortcut on the computer that MultiSite Manager is installed on, or by entering the MultiSite Manager's FQDN and port into a web browser.

MultiSite Manager accounts and mail server

Once you have set up MultiSite Manager, the sites and the managed computers, your MultiSite Manager solution is ready to use. You can now set up a mail server for email notifications and create accounts for users to log into MultiSite Manager with different levels of access. To set up user accounts, a mail server and notifications, see the MultiSite Manager User Guide.