Windows Server Backup Software

With sales in more than 120 countries, BackupAssist is a world leader in Windows Server Backup and Disaster Recovery.

BackupAssist makes backups and data protection simple and fast by performing automatic, scheduled backups of Microsoft Windows Servers.

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Effortlessly back up your IT infrastructure

BACKUP your critical data, systems and applications using our advanced imaging, replication and archiving technologies.

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Rapidly restore your data from backup

RESTORE your data and applications with an integrated suite of restore technologies that step you through a simple process.

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Swiftly recover your entire systems

RECOVER your systems quickly with our customizable bootable recovery media to minimize downtime.

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Simple remote management of multiple installations

REMOTE management, licensing, reporting and alerts for your BackupAssist installations all from the one web-interface.

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Fast, simple and reliable backups of your Windows Servers, applications, data & systems.


Easy to use Restore Console, with granular restore tools for Exchange, Hyper–V and SQL backups.


Customized bare–metal recovery to same or dissimilar hardware, with RecoverAssist, our clever recovery tool.


Advanced web interface to remotely manage your BackupAssist installations across a WAN or LAN

Why choose BackupAssist?

Supporting a full range of Microsoft servers and Small Business servers, our flexible and modular pricing means you only pay for what you need. Buy base license of BackupAssist, then choose Add–ons
FROM $279.00 USD

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