Introducing BackupAssist ER

The right backup gives you a predictable and successful recovery
BackupAssist ER
  • for Enduring Resilience
  • for Extreme Recoveries
  • for Everyday Reassurance
  • for Easy Restores
  • for Expert Response
  • for Extended Retention
  • for Extenuating Risks
  • for Emergency Remediation

Without the Right Backup

  • list-arrow Companies and government departments forced to pay ransoms, even if they were backing up
  • list-arrow Long downtime as administrators can struggle with rebuilds, ad-hoc procedures and pressure situations

With BackupAssist ER

  • list-arrow Predictable recoveries for all major disaster scenarios
  • list-arrow Clear recovery procedures that eliminate panic
  • list-arrow Retrieve data even years later

What’s in it for you?

BackupAssist ER allows you to protect your Windows systems with state-of-the-art backups, giving you enduring resilience to cyber events, keeping you in business even if disaster occurs.

Hacking, Hijack

Natural Disaster, Fire,
Equipment Theft

Malicious Insider
Activity & Sabotage


There have never been more ways to lose data, as cybercrime has exploded in recent years. Now you can easily insure yourself and extenuate risks with BackupAssist ER.

Using BackupAssist ER delivers these
great benefits and capabilities:

Enduring Resilience

Cybercrime is an unfortunate part of 21st century life. Add to that, the traditional risks of natural disasters, theft, and malicious insiders.

Resilience is about preparing for, withstanding and recovering from attacks and disaster events.

Eliminating Ransoms

So many organizations back up their data but still have to pay ransoms when they’re hit. Why? The devil is always in the detail.

The right backup, like BackupAssist ER, with CryptoSafeGuard, mitigates against many of the risks that catch others out.

Expert Response

Disaster situations are extremely stressful, emotionally draining and testing for emergency responders.

With BackupAssist ER, you can respond like an expert, instead of reacting haphazardly, by following our well documented recovery playbooks.

Extreme Recovery

Full server recoveries are oftentimes required in adverse and challenging circumstances. You cannot rely on always having the same hardware or cloud as your recovery target.

BackupAssist ER can back up any source (physical, virtual, cloud) and recover to any target (physical, virtual, cloud) with the same Lifeline Recovery media.

Easy Restore

Users frequently make mistakes and require specific and targeted pieces of data to be restored from backup.

Full search capabilities across all backup history make restoring granular pieces of data easy.

Extended Retention

Many laws mandate extended data retention. Keeping historical backups is an ideal way to meet these requirements.

Retrieve your data from backups, even years or decades later, thanks to our well designed procedures and systems.

How does BackupAssist ER work?

BackupAssist ER allows you to protect your Windows systems with state-of-the-art backups, giving you enduring resilience to cyber events, keeping you in business even if disaster occurs.

Installed on your server

Our next generation backup is purpose built with the most modern technologies to protect SMEs from traditional and modern risks and threats.

Fully automated backup system for Windows Servers, enabling full system recovery and granular restores

Offers disk-to-disk-to-cloud, or disk-to-cloud options

Choose AWS or Amazon or hybrid cloud or private cloud

Backup data can be automatically replicated onsite and offsite – best of both worlds of fast recovery and offsite assurance

Bootable recovery ISO / USB / Disc

When the worst happens and you need to do a full server rebuild from bare metal, reach for Lifeline Recovery.

Full system recovery made easy

Extreme recovery situations are handled with ease – P2P, P2V, P2C, V2P, V2V, V2C, C2P, C2V, C2C

One disc for all Window OS versions, making it super convenient for administrators

Commence your recovery with just 5 mouse clicks – it’s that simple.

Feature installed on your server

Ever wonder why so many businesses still have to pay ransoms, despite having backups? CryptoSafeGuard mitigates many of the risks associated with ransomware.

Award winning technology, independently verified to protect your backups against ransomware.

Bundled with each purchase

Just as important as the technical features are the after-sales care and service that you get from your vendor.

5 year pricing guarantee for continuous subscriptions

Up to date versions of the software

Ongoing invitations to attend our webinars and briefing updates

How is BackupAssist ER different?

Your data is your data. At all times, you have 100% control over where your data lives. Whatever your nation’s data sovereignty laws are, you can comply with BackupAssist ER.

Not only are you protecting your business against downtime and ransoms, but you have to comply with privacy legislation such as GDPR, HIPAA, PIPEDA, the Notifiable Breaches Act, … and the list goes on. Every additional copy of data is a potential data breach risk. ·

Whenever your data is stored on someone else’s server (i.e. in the cloud), BackupAssist ER utilizes AES-256 encryption to secure that data against prying eyes – 100% of the time. The security simply cannot be turned off.

Oftentimes you need to get your data back many years after it was created – so you naturally go to your historical backups. But historical backups are rarely useful if your data is locked inside a proprietary data format of a backup vendor.

Your local backup copies are stored in the VHDX file format, which is an open specification.

This means you can use BackupAssist to restore your data. But you can also use any 3rd party program that can open VHDX files, or even mount the VHDX using Microsoft’s Operating System tools to get your data back.

With our industry-first, 5-year pricing guarantee, you are assured of the long-term affordability of your backup solution. When you join our subscription programs, the price you see today will be your guaranteed price ongoing for the next 5 years, regardless of the current market price.

BackupAssist ER is our crowning achievement: the culmination of two decades of developing backup software and all we’ve learnt

You get it out of the box; best practice procedures are implemented automatically in the software, through a clear and simple User Experience

  • We will never take your trust for granted.
  • Our people are empowered to find solutions.
  • We actually care about our Clients and want to know when we can improve.

Try the BETA and get up to 18 months of free backups

For a limited time, we are opening up our beta program to the public. All beta testers are eligible for these great benefits:

Simply try BackupAssist ER, run 5 backups and test recoveries – and receive a free 6-month subscription when the product moves to full release.

If you find and report SEV-1 and SEV-2 level bugs during the beta program, we’ll give you an extra 2 months of free subscription for each new bug you report, up to an extra 12 months.

This means you can receive up to 18 months of extra subscription to BackupAssist ER, while helping us make a better product!

But you must register to participate – fill out the form and we’ll give you more details via email.