What will you do if your cloud data turns to vapor?

You're protected when you back it up with

BackupAssist 365.

The cloud offers many productivity and business benefits...

...but also exposes you to a range of cyber-risks.


Malicious Employees

Careless Contractors

Cyber Criminals

Cloud Providers


Data Deletion

Ransomware Attack

Account Hijack

Compromised Passwords

Human Error

Fortunately, it's easy to prepare for the worst with robust backups.

The easiest way to be cyber resilient is to have backups. That means you have separate copies of your data, going back in time, stored safely in different locations.

BackupAssist 365 is a business-grade application that does exactly that: backing up your cloud-hosted data so you always have a local copy.

Is there only one reliable and true copy of your data - the one in the cloud?
This is known as a single point of failure.
And while the cloud mitigates the physical threats to your data, the digital ones are constantly emerging.

What BackupAssist 365 does to protect you...

BackupAssist 365 gives you local backups of your cloud data by automatically downloading your cloud data to a local destination. If anything goes wrong with your cloud accounts, you can restore from your local backup copy. Here’s how it works:

Back up cloud files to local directory

Supported: Microsoft 365 (Office 365) suite: OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, SharePoint

In Beta: Dropbox, Box, SFTP, Google Drive. 

Back up mailboxes to local PST files

Supported: Office 365 (Exchange Online), on-premise Exchange Server, IMAP server.

So now you can hold your data in your hands

Designed for data security, privacy and cost effectiveness:

Data compliance

BackupAssist 365 gives you the tools you need to easily archive your data for compliance reasons.

Save on storage costs

Don’t incur ongoing costs for cold-storing your data in the cloud. Store locally and save!

Full privacy for your data

Your data is your data. BackupAssist 365 downloads it straight from your cloud account to a destination of your choice. No third parties ever see it. 

Your data is your data - the BackupAssist difference

How it works...

1. You install BackupAssist 365 on your computer – a server or workstation.

2. BackupAssist 365 connects to your cloud accounts to perform backups. This happens like clockwork.

3. Successive backups only download the differences (deltas) since the previous backup, saving time and bandwidth.

4. You choose where to put the data. For example, in your existing local or network storage.

The Expert's opinion

Microsoft leaves little doubt that protecting Office 365 data is the customer’s responsibility. Microsoft’s responsibility ends at keeping the service available, which they do well.

Organizations need to find a way to backup Office 365 data to protect themselves from accidental file deletion or a ransomware attack without adding too much complexity.

BackupAssist 365 provides a simple, automated way to protect Office 365 data without having to get locked into another cloud provider or a backup vendor’s proprietary backup format.
George Crump
Lead Analyst, Storage Switzerland LLC

Haven’t heard of BackupAssist before?


Since 2002, our software has been backing up the data of SMEs, governments, NGOs and non-profits.

We started with backing up Windows Servers, and then expanded to SQL Databases, Exchange Servers, and Hyper-V Servers. And now, with BackupAssist 365, our customers can protect their cloud based data in Office 365.

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