Cloud Server backups using rsync


Remote backup solution

A solution that’s ideal for roaming users, home offices and branch offices.


Offsite backup solution

This enables secure storage to external data centers, private clouds and third-party storage providers.


Bandwidth optimisation and data security

Data compression while files and folders are transferred are included.Data security during transfer using Secure Shell to any SSH enabled host.


VSS-Aware data backups

VSS-Aware data backups of live applications including SQL, Exchange and SharePoint.


Secure data encryption

Data encryption at the destination using 256-bit AES encryption.


Incremental backups

Offsite Backups uses single-instance store to ensure only new and modified data are transferred.

Efficient, secure cloud server backups

Data security and bandwidth usage are core considerations when implementing a private cloud backup solution. That’s why BackupAssist makes these two factors the main priority in our Offsite Backups add-on. Using BackupAssist for private cloud backups gives you:

  • Data encrypted at your backup destination
  • Compression of all data packets sent across the internet
  • Bandwidth throttling
  • Automatic retries on a network dropout
  • The ability to exclude file types (e.g. *.mp3) to save space

The flexibility of a remote backup solution

21st century work environments aren’t static. You have remote users, home users, and shifting cost-efficacy with cloud versus traditional storage methods. That’s why you need a flexible remote backup solution that addresses your needs, without blowing your budget.

BackupAssist’s Offsite Backups add-on allows you to secure files and folders over the internet, while saving money and adding an extra layer of protection to your backup strategy.

Rsync cloud server backup is particularly suited for:

  • Employees who work from home and need sensitive data backed up securely
  • Roaming employees who need data backed up regularly, no matter where they are
  • Backing up a remote site’s data to a central office
  • Backing up critical data directly to a data center
  • Utilizing cloud storage like Amazon s3 as an alternative to purchased hardware

Great for private cloud or a public cloud destination

BackupAssist makes rsync simple to use with private and public (rsync-compatible) cloud destinations. All you’ll need is a destination that supports the rsync protocol for simple, quick remote backups and restores of critical data.

Managed Service Provider looking to set up private cloud services for your clients? Business seeking the security of offsite files and folders? BackupAssist with rsync is an affordable, reliable solution.

Private Cloud

Creating an rsync host is easy. It makes establishing your own private cloud destination as straight-forward as just setting up a rsync host on a Windows or Linux machine or a supported NAS device. That way, you can:

  • Use BackupAssist as a Managed Service Provider to establish your own Private Cloud destination for the exclusive use of your clients
  • Set up a remote server destination for your business in an external office or similar location
  • Lease space for an offsite server or NAS device within a data center and send your critical data to that destination via the internet

Public Cloud

BackupAssist also makes it easy to back up to any public cloud storage provider that supports the rsync protocol. A great example of this is the highly reputable Amazon S3 Storage facilities, which are fully compatible with BackupAssist’s Offsite Backups add-on.

BackupAssist even has an S3 rsync destination option built into the UI for quick, painless configuration with Amazon’s service.

Easy backups and fast restores

Backing up to the cloud is incredibly straight-forward with BackupAssist’s Offsite Backups add-on. When using File Protection to create an rsync job, you’ll be stepped through the whole process with simple instructions in a user-friendly wizard.

You can easily select the data you want to back up, the destination and the backup schedule – then set up customized email notification so you’re always in the loop.

Restoring your backups is just as quick and painless. You can search through multiple backups or browse single backups within the same intuitive interface. Simply select the destination and the data you want to restore – BackupAssist will do the rest!

For information on getting the most out of rsync visit our Video Presentations page.


  • Licensing
    Offsite Backup add-on
  • Supported Microsoft OS
    Windows Server (2012/R2, 2008/R2);
    Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7
  • Method
    File Protection based backups (in-file delta) to any rsync server. VSS support.


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