What Offsite Backups Can Do For You:

Easy Remote Backup

An ideal backup solution for roaming users, home and branch offices.

Cloud, Offsite Backups

Secure storage of your backups at external data centers, private clouds, and third-party storage providers.

Bandwidth Optimization

Archive optimal bandwidth use through the compression of your data packets as they’re sent across the internet.


Secure Data Encryption

Achieve maximum data security with 265-bit AES Encryption and Secure Shell transfers to SSH-enabled hosts.

Incremental Backups

Send only your new and modified data by using single-instance store (SIS).

VSS-Aware Data Backups

Perform VSS-Aware data backups of your live applications such as SQL, Exchange and SharePoint.

Why Choose This Add-on?

You’re looking for a secure and simple solution for off-site backups that won’t chew up bandwidth. Not only that, you want to make sure it addresses your business needs without blowing out your budget.

The Offsite Backup add-on is your complete remote data storage solution. It offers:

  • Private or public cloud backup
  • Secure backup for employees who work from home
  • Regular backup for roaming employees
  • Easy backup of remote sites to a central office
  • Easy backup of critical data to a data center
  • Support for Remote Amazon S3 Cloud Storage

If you want the ability to perform remote and cloud backups, then Offsite Backups is for you.

Compare the Features:

BackupAssist Base License vs Offsite Backups

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Offsite Backups Add-on Specification

  • Licensing
    Offsite Backup add-on
  • Supported Microsoft OS
    Windows Server (2012/R2, 2008/R2);
    Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8,
    Windows 7
  • akf
  • car
  • car
  • cesana
  • doj
  • monash
  • ge
  • msu
  • nasa
  • nyu
  • pfizer
  • rafa
  • rc
  • su
  • uoa
  • uoc
  • uoi
  • usdos
  • usnavy
  • volvo
  • redefine
  • daikin