What Exchange Granular Can Do for You:

Restore Mailbox Items

Swiftly bring back any lost mail item. Granularly restore e-mails, contacts, attachments, calendar data, and more.

Direct Injection

Allows you to restore individual mailbox items directly into a live Exchange Server – whether it’s the original server or an entirely different one!

Any Backup Type

Restore your Exchange Data from any Backup Type: System Protection, File Protection or File Archiving.


Hyper-V Compatible

Restore your mail items to a Hyper-V Guest that runs Exchange Server. (Requires Hyper-V Advanced add-on)

Backups to .PST

You can export Exchange data from your backups directly into PST files.

Popular Platform Support

Exchange Granular supports Windows Server 2012/R2 , Small Business Server, and Exchange Server 2007-2016

Why Choose This Add-on

Someone’s lost that all-important e-mail, attachment or other piece of data from weeks ago. You don’t want to restore the whole server just for one mailbox item. Still, you’ve got that data backed up, so it’s not really lost.

In comes the Exchange Granular add-on. With it, you can simply and swiftly restore that lost or corrupt mail item, no problem. With just a few clicks, you can granularly restore anything from any of your Exchange Server backups.

If you want the ability to quickly and easily restore any mailbox data, whether it’s lost contacts to calendar information, then Exchange Granular is for you.

Compare the Features:

BackupAssist Base License vs Exchange Granular

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Exchange Granular Add-on Specification

  • Licensing
    Exchange Granular add-on
  • Supported Exchange Servers:
    Microsoft Exchange 2016, 2013, 2010,2007.
  • Exchange Server Backup Method:
    Via VSS-Aware System Protection (Imaging),
    File Protection (Replication) and File Archiving.
  • Exchange Server Restore Method:
    Using the intuitive BackupAssist Restore Console.
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