Exchange Server Protection

Back up your Exchange Server with a selection of easy-to-use backups. Restore your entire Exchange Server or individual mail items.

Direct Exchange Injection: Restore mail items directly into a live Exchange Server.
Fully integrated support for Exchange Server 2013 , 2010 and 2007
Seamlessly restore mail items from a Hyper-V guest using the Exchange Granular Restore console
VSS-Aware backups that can back up your Exchange Server while it is running
Back up an Exchange Server's databases and individual mail items with a single backup job
Restore an Exchange Server's information store database or individual storage groups
Destination support including external disks, RDX drives, local directories, NAS devices and iSCSI targets.
Support for Windows Server 2012 R2, 2012, 2008 R2, 2008, SBS 2011 and SBS 2008

Protect your Exchange Server with the right backup

Backups detect your Exchange Server and allow you to perform backups while Exchange is still running.

Back up your entire Microsoft Exchange Server with any of these VSS-Aware backups. All are included with your BackupAssist license.

System Protection backup

A versatile imaging backup that can be used in both restoring data and system recoveries. The result is a feature-rich, reliable and cost-effective data and disaster protection solution.

File Protection backup

File Protection is a powerful, yet simple, file backup solution out-of-the-box. It can be configured in minutes to create scheduled backup jobs without the need for complex scripts or settings.

File Archiving backup

Backups created using File Archiving are stored as .ZIP files that contain all of the data selected in the backup job. File Archiving is a file-based backup that also works with tape drives if you have the BackupAssist Zip-To-Tape Add-on.

Direct Exchange Injection

The Exchange Granular Restore tool includes a powerful feature called Direct Exchange Injection. This technology allows you to use the Exchange Granular Restore console to restore individual mail items directly into a live Exchange Server. The live server can be either the original Exchange Server or a different Exchange Server.

Exchange Granular Restore

This powerful Add-on allows you to restore individual mail items from any Exchange Server backup. Simply perform a search of your databases, browse individual mailboxes and preview the contents of emails, contacts, notes, tasks and appointments. The easy-to-use console then guides you to restore your selection to a location of your choice.

Exchange Server Restore

Selecting Exchange Server Restore automatically lists your backups and launches the right tool, saving you time and hassle. Within the console you can choose to restore an Exchange database or even your entire server. The restore process will guide you through every step until the restore is complete.

Restore options that meet your requirements

The Exchange restore menu presents you with a selection of restore options and guides you through the restore process. Once you have made your choice, BackupAssist displays all of the Exchange backups and brings up the appropriate restore tool. It also helps you filter, search and browse your backups to find the one you need.


  • Licensing
    BackupAssist Exchange Granular Restore Add-on
  • Method
    Exchange Server Backup:
    VSS-Aware System Protection (imaging), File Protection (replication) and File Archiving
    Exchange Server Restore:
    Using the powerful BackupAssist Restore Console.
    Exchange mail item restore:
    Using the New Exchange Granular Restore console.

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Here's what they have to say.

  • After first several weeks of testing your software, I can say that being in this business since late 80's, I never run into backup tool giving so many options, way above average performance and at the same time staying wonderfully transparent and user friendly! It has been all pleasure working with BackupAssist.

    Stan, Government of Ontario, Canada

  • It's a simple, effective, up to date and powerful backup tool... its user friendly interface and ease of use are its greatest strengths... Great Backup-tool, excellent and quick response from your Company!

    Peter, Mapivalues NL, The Netherlands

  • Simple. Works. Easy to install and use. Thanks for making a product that makes my job EASIER!!!

    Cynthia Calvin, Benchmark Ventures, USA

  • All our clients want is a simple backup strategy that's secure, easy to follow and implement, and BackupAssist provides just that. It's an excellent product, and I do like the emailed logs as it allows me to remotely check progress.

    John Dance, Managing director, Rebooted Pty Ltd, Australia

  • The greatest strength is without doubt the easiness of implementing a working backup schedule. Combined with the email capability it provides everything I need for our business' backups at a very competitive price level!

    Johan Sandqvist, AB Gyllenhammar & Sahlin, Sweden

  • Have used [competitors' products] - too expensive, complicated architecture for majority of servers we use. Advantages of BackupAssist are simplicity. Cost. Ease of use. Easiest I have used so far - [competitors' products] etc. Complete novice could use this software. Full marks for ease of use / clear explanations.

    Kieran Murphy, Powerscreen International Ltd, N. Ireland

  • It's very easy to use. Other solutions were too expensive with almost same capabilities.

    Gerardo Arlotto, Jefe de Sistemas Compania Uruguaya de Cemento Portland, Uruguay

  • We needed a low-cost backup solution for one of our servers... BackupAssist has an advantage over expensive software solutions because it's simple, cost-effective and gets the job done without creating a complicated mess like some of the expensive packages do.

    Jim Ficarra, Cross Current Corporation, USA

  • BackupAssist's greatest strength is its automation. We needed a solution where the person at the remote site has NO admin rights, just needs to change the tape - nothing else!

    Aaron, Direct Wines, UK

  • Found it to be the most cost effective solution to backing up our two Windows servers.

    Bruce Segal, Decarie Motors, Canada

  • We tried lots of software. Among those evaluated were [major competitors' products]. All of the packages except yours operated inconsistently (or not at all), several would not read backup tapes it created an verified, some could not access hardware or access was inconsistent, some caused system lockups or blue screen crashes... all of the above packages ranged in price from $900 USD to > $3,000 USD.

    Mr. Charles D. Amata Jr., CPTechnologies Inc., USA

  • We needed to backup Exchange and SQL Server but didn't want to spend a fortune.

    Gary Baldwin, Davison C E High School, UK

  • I purchased BackupAssist because I was tired of pulling my hair out with [a competitor's] over priced and overly complex software. BackupAssist was the third or fourth demo I downloaded via Google. Ease of use. BackupAssist provided me with all the features I needed with a very easy to use setup/configuration interface. Good job with BackupAssist. Other backup software companies should take follow your lead.

    Jeff Lowe, Network Administrator, Indigenous Gaming Regulators Inc., Canada

  • Another Computer consultant evaluated, purchased and recommended this software. Since then, we are so impressed, that as far as I'm concerned any of our new servers will have a license of BackupAssist to make the media management simple.

    Scott Young, Network Integration Solutions Inc., Canada

  • Thank you for your product; I am very pleased with my decision to purchase this software. Coming from a non-profit background, it was very affordable compared to other products on the market.

    Tricia Sanchez, Westshore Dispute Resolution Center, USA