What Hyper-V Advanced Can Do For You

Rapid VM Recovery

Instantly bring a Hyper-V guest back online by running them off their backup destination. While this is happening, perform a full guest recovery in the background. Never experience downtime again!

Granular Guest Restores

Granularly restore data to a guest with ease, using a backup made of single or multiple guests.

VSS, CSV Support

This add-on completely supports all Hyper-V technologies, including Volume Shadow-Copy Service (VSS), Microsoft Replica, and Cluster Shared Volumes (CSV)


Use Any Backup Type

Granularly restore data to your Hyper-V guests from any Backup Type: System Protection, File Protection or File Archiving.

Pay Per Host, Not Port

Easy, affordable licensing means you'll only need one Hyper-V Advanced License per host server – covering an unlimited amount of guests on that server

Exchange Compatible

Granularly restore mail items into a specific guest running Microsoft Exchange Server. (Also requires the Exchange Granular add-on)

Why Choose This Add-on?

You’ve got virtual machines running off Hyper-V, and they're all backed up. But you wish there was some way you could restore a guest if it crashes—or data to your guest—short of a full guest recovery.

With the Hyper-V Advanced add-on, you can do just that. Granularly restore data to a guest from any sort of backup. Rapidly boot your guest up off your backup media so you can use it immediately even if it crashes. Perform a multi-guest backup then recover or restore data for one or more guests.

If you want the ability to instantly spin up lost or damaged Hyper-V guests, perform granular guest restores and create flexible VM backups, then Hyper-V Advanced is for you

Compare the Features:

BackupAssist Base License vs Hyper-V Advanced

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Hyper-V Advanced Add-on Specifications

  • Licensing:
    Hyper-V Backup: Included in BackupAssist
    Hyper-V Restore: Hyper-V Advanced add-on
  • Method:
    One-pass VHD image backup of the host to
    disk-based devices.
  • Supported Host Platforms:
    Windows Hyper-V Server, Windows Server
    2012/R2 Core with Hyper-V Role, Windows
    Server 2008/R2 Core with Hyper-V Role.
  • Supported Guest platforms
    Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012/R2, 2008/R2;
    Windows 10/8/7
  • BackupAssist VM Granular Restore Console:
    Windows Server 2012/2008; Windows 10/8/7
  • Resources
    Read this Hyper-V Protection guide
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