What SQL Continuous Can Do for You:

Near-Continuous Backups

Never lose more than a few minutes of data with transaction logging. Reduce your Recovery Point Objective (RPO) with backups every five minutes!

Point-In-Time Restores

Easily restore your SQL Server to any point-in-time backup you’ve made, making any data loss minimal.

Granular Restoration

Perform consistent, granular restores of your SQL Database. Select individual databases to restore in addition to your full SQL database.


VSS Consistent

Use SQL Continuous on a live SQL Server by performing VSS application-consistent backups.

Hyper-V Compatible

SQL Continuous fully supports SQL Servers run through Hyper-V, no matter their configuration. Use our advanced options to back up and restore your virtual SQL databases.

Remote Backup, Restores

Remotely backup and restore any number of remote SQL Servers in addition to your local SQL Server.

Why Choose This Add-on?

You’ve got an SQL server or servers with critical data on it. It’s frequently being used, and you know if it were to crash, anything more than five minutes of data loss would be unacceptable.

In comes SQL Continuous. Not only does it empower you to easily achieve an RPO of five minutes, it lets you remotely backup and restore your SQL Servers. It’s full of useful functionality from granular restores to total Hyper-V support.

If you want to consistently protect your SQL Servers and minimize your RPOs, then the SQL Continuous add-on is for you.

Compare the Features:

BackupAssist Base License vs SQL Continuous

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SQL Continuous Add-on Specifications

  • Licensing
    SQL Continuous add-on
  • Supported SQL Servers
    Microsoft SQL 2016, 2014, 2012, 2008 R2, 2008, 2005 & 2000
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