Reduce your RPO for SQL Servers to as little as 5 minutes


Near-Continuous backups

Backups using transaction logging. This means you can minimize your Recovery Point Objective (RPO) by backing up changes to your SQL databases every 5 minutes.


Point-in-time restores

of a selected database allows you to pick any point within any 5 minute window to restore critical data to your SQL Server.


Granular restoration

Granular database restores mean you can select individual databases to restore, in addition to being able to recover the full SQL Server.


VSS application-consistent

VSS application-consistent backups mean you can use SQL Continuous on a live SQL Server.


Works in Hyper-V environments

Including CSV configurations.  No matter how you run your SQL Server, SQL Continuous will give you advanced options for backing up and restoring your databases.


Remote backups and restores

Perform remote backups and restores so you can protect any number of remote SQL servers (on the same domain) in addition to the local SQL Server, using one Add-on license.

Why choose this add on?

SQL Continuous is an add-on tailored to the needs of data-driven businesses, where frequently updated SQL Servers play a vital role.

SQL Continuous offers a level of protection for SQL Servers unavailable in the BackupAssist Base License, by ensuring that RPOs are minimized and by optimizing restore-points.

If you need the best possible protection for your databases, with transaction logging every 5 minutes and point-in-time restore capabilities; look no further than SQL Continuous.


Near-Continuous SQL Server Backups

With SQL Continuous, once you have selected the databases to back up, you can select either a Basic or a Near-continuous schedule for the backup job:

  • Basic backup schedule: Perform a daily backup of your SQL Server, while it is in use.
  • Near–continuous backups: This schedule performs transaction log backups throughout the day to cut your RPO to as little as 5 minutes.

With the near-continuous capabilities of the SQL Protection Add-on, your data can be protected at 5 minute or greater intervals. This provides the ongoing protection your ever-changing databases need, without the high costs of clustering or replication.

Combining the two SQL backup types gives you even greater protection.  You can run a transaction level backup throughout the day, as well as a full Server backup each night.


Point-In-Time Restores

When dealing with SQL databases, it’s important to be able to restore to a given point in time. That’s why the SQL Continuous Add-on includes a dedicated SQL restore tool designed for simple, effective and fast restores of SQL Server databases.

With the SQL restore tool, you can:

  • View local SQL Servers available for data restoration
  • Restore to a remote SQL server by name or IP address
  • Restore a master database if, for example, your SQL database is being recreated
  • Restore to specific company (user) databases
  • Enter a point in time, and the restore tool will locate the transactional backups closest to that point, reducing your RPO

Granular Database Restoration

While the BackupAssist Base License will allow you to fully restore all databases on your SQL Server, SQL Continuous offers additional granularity in what you can restore.

With SQL Continuous, you can select and restore individual databases from within your SQL Server backups.  This means that if only one database has been lost or corrupted, you won’t have to restore all the databases in order to access the data you need.

The SQL Restore tool included in SQL Continuous makes finding and selecting individual databases quick and easy.

SQL Add-on features:

Comparison of the SQL Server support provided by the SQL Add-on and BackupAssist’s standard backup types

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  • Licensing
    BackupAssist SQL Continuous add-on
  • Supported SQL Servers
    SQL 2016, 2014, 2012, 2008 R2, 2008, 2005 & 2000


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