v12 has been built for
up-to-date cyber-resilience
and compliance
Get full support from our
USA based technical support
Active licenses have
access to CryptoSafeGuard
v12 has a new imaging
engine to protect your
physical and virtual systems

Why BackupAssist Classic v12 is
Essential for Businesses in 2022

After months of work, we're excited to be releasing version 12 soon. It combines all the best
features of the past, plus new features to make your data even safer in the future.

Test Restore

Test your backups on autopilot. This feature gives you confidence in the integrity of your backups - without relying on tedious manual testing.

  • Meet cyber insurance requirements
  • Test backup accessibility
  • Ensure backups have been unaltered
  • Compliance reports available
Advanced Imaging Backup

v12 has a better backup engine for protecting your physical and virtual systems. It is fast and reliable with powerful and flexible recovery processes for all recovery scenarios.

  • Fast & reliable volume imaging
  • Large range of backup destinations
  • Full control over backup history
  • Encryption for all destinations
Advanced System Recovery

This is the gold standard of flexible & timely system recovery. You can meet very short RTOs to ensure your business achieves strong cyber resilience.

  • Bare metal recovery in record time
  • VM Instant Boot - immediate recovery
  • Recover to physical or virtual systems
  • Recover to dissimilar disk setups
Prices going up on 10th October 2022.

Lock in Your Savings
and Prepare to Upgrade to v12

Renew your active
BackupCare subscription today!

Renewing an existing license is the most cost effective.

If your BackupCare subscription is expiring, you should renew it today! We don’t want you to pay higher prices for renewing your subscription after October 10th and that's why we are giving you the chance to renew your subscription today at the lower legacy rates.

If you have an active license, when the new v12 is released shortly, you’ll be able to upgrade and have full support from our expert team. Lock-in the benefits of having an active license today.

  • Ransomware protection for your backups
  • Free software upgrades and updates
  • Expert technical support
  • Lowest legacy price
Active BackupCare Renewal Pricing
12 Months BackupCare
$115 USD
$128 USD

Save 11%

Price increase October

24 Months BackupCare
$183 USD
$232 USD

Save 26%

Price increase October

Expired BackupCare Renewal Pricing
12 Months BackupCare
$164 USD
$255 USD

Save 55%

Price increase October

24 Months BackupCare
$262 USD
$360 USD

Save 37%

Price increase October

If your BackupCare subscription has
expired renew it before October 10th!

If your BackupCare has expired, act fast before the October 10th price increase! If you upgrade now, not only will you be obtaining the lowest legacy rates, you’ll also be eligible to upgrade to the new v12 (soon) and obtain technical support.

Prices are increasing soon, so act fast & renew your BackupCare.

  • Re-activation prices increasing on October 10th
  • Unable to update to BA v12 if BackupCare expires
  • Tech support available only with active BackupCare
New License Purchase Pricing

If you have been thinking about purchasing a new BackupAssist Classic license, don’t wait any longer! Lock in the best rates, and get access to v12 when it comes out and full technical support.

  • Upgrade to v12 when it is released
  • 12 or 24 months of upgrades & support
  • CryptoSafeGuard feature to protect your backups
  • Lowest legacy price
New License Purchase Pricing
12 Months BackupCare
$385 USD
$425 USD

Save 10%

Price increase October

24 Months BackupCare
$449 USD
$530 USD

Save 18%

Price increase October

Live US Support Team

The BackupAssist support team are all highly trained technicians, located in the USA.

We’re able to help you resolve technical issues of the most complex nature when you have an active BackupCare subscription.

  • Identify which systems can be backed up (no matter how tricky)
  • Assess which storage & data protection configuration is right for you
  • Identify if you qualify for industry discounts & free support
BackupAssist CryptoSafeguard

Protect Your Backups from Ransomware.

Your backups are your last line of defense. But they’re useless if corrupted or infected by ransomware. Don't let the criminals win.

CryptoSafeGuard is the missing piece. It guards the integrity of your backups and comes bundled free with every BackupCare subscription. CryptoSafeGuard works 24/7 to shield, detect, alert and protect your backups from ransomware. With a solid defence, you should never be a victim or pay a ransom.

What Makes v12 Special?

From the Founder

Linus Chang

Founder of BackupAssist

Since its creation, BackupAssist has been on a mission. We’re here to protect businesses from
the three threats to their data: physical destruction, human error, and cyber criminals.
This is why we’re so excited to introduce you to the v12 update.

We’re coming up on two decades of providing support for our clients. As we’ve grown, BackupAssist has remained
a privately owned company. The clients we serve range from “mom and pop” businesses to Fortune 500

Keeping ownership of our company means we’re able to make the best decisions to look after our clients and
provide stellar backup support. The v12 update is one of those decisions. We’ve been working on it in the
background for quite some time, and it’s exciting to finally introduce it.

This new update comes with best-in-class backup monitoring and cyber resilience measures. It has all the
features you’d wish for in a first-class backup software, and a few more you didn’t know you needed ...until we
provided them.

The v12 update comes with increased flexibility, security, and speed. The monitoring, system recovery and backup
capabilities of this software are formidable. We’re proud to bring this to our loyal clients, and we look forward to
keeping your data safe for the next two decades.

Read reviews from
our happy customers

Most reliable backup solution
I have used in many years
“ BackupAssist was, by far, the easiest and most reliable backup solution I have used in many years. I have been in the Information Technology field since 1987 and have seen many software vendors come and go. If BackupAssist keeps their products as good as this one then I suspect they will be in the market for the long haul! ”
John Binford

Information Technology Director

It has been a pleasure
working with BackupAssist
“ After the first several weeks of testing your software, I can say that being in the business since the late 80's, I never run into backup tools giving so many options, way above average performance and at the same time staying wonderfully transparent and user-friendly. It has been a pleasure working with BackupAssist ”

Government of Ontario

It's an
excellent product
“ We tried lots of software. Among these evaluated were (major competitors products). All of the packages except yours operated inconsistently (or not at all), several would not read backup tapes it created and verified, some could not access hardware or access was inconsistent, some caused system lookups or blue screen crashes... all of the above packages ranged in price from $900 USD to $3,000 USD. “
Mr. Cjarles D Amata Jr

CP Technologies Inc.

Really great
“ Really great performance. I highly recommend BackupAssist based on my experiences to date, and I know one consultant who has already purchased the software for a Windows server with a Synology DS1815+ NAS unit. I use one myself, with an iSCSI interface connection that makes a large NAS partittion appear to be mounted as a local hard drive. BackupAssist finds it easy to locate and use. The price deduction compared to SAN storage is amazing. “
Frank Fallon

Dhrama Communications