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Within 30 days, you'll master:

  • Backup for essential and enhanced cyber-resilience.
  • Full server recovery and Hyper-V rapid recovery.
  • Restoring files, mailbox items in Exchange, and other common data retrieval tasks after user accidents.
  • Advanced tasks like restoring Hyper-V VMs, SQL databases

Here’s a typical plan to become cyber-resilient within 30 days. It’ll take about 2-4 hours per week over the next four weeks. After the free trial, you won’t just have backups; you’ll also have a well tested disaster recovery plan that you can put into action when disaster strikes.

Week 1

Backing up for essential cyber-resilience. Preparing for full system recovery, and setting up onsite, offsite and offline backups. Reviewing your goals and budget.

Week 2

Test recoveries: performing dry-runs of full server recovery (BMDR), and where appropriate, Hyper-V Rapid VM Recovery and Exchange Granular Restore.

Week 3

Backing up for enhanced cyber-resilience. Implementing multiple layers of protection that will complement each other – including cloud offsite backups, file replication for extensive version keeping, backing up workstation shares, and where appropriate, archival backups to tape.

Week 4

Putting together your Disaster Recovery Plan, with the assistance of our template. For large deployments, free trying Multisite Manager.

You too can join the other hundreds of thousands of organizations in 165 countries that we've helped become cyber-resilient.

Since 2002, BackupAssist has helped thousands of organizations become cyber-resilient. Let us help you too.


About backupassist

Linus Chang
Founder of BackupAssist

Hello, my name is Linus Chang and I’m the creator of BackupAssist.

I first became aware of the need for backups when I worked at my university’s helpdesk. A PhD student come in with a broken floppy disk, asking for help. We tried some recovery techniques which failed… and then she broke down uncontrollably, seeing 3 years of her research and her mostly-complete thesis simply vanish.

Fast forward a few years, I saw the same problems in a business context. Why was it so difficult to back up a Windows Server? We were using batch scripts, and silent failures were a huge risk.

As a long time computer programmer (I started in 1985, aged 8, on the Apple //c), I decided to take action and write BackupAssist. That was in 2002. Fast forward to today, we’ve helped hundreds of thousands of I.T. administrators get reliable backups, and most importantly, get their data back when it matters the most. We’ve done the thinking and hard work, so you can follow a simple plan.

In the age of cyber crime and ransomware – let’s all stay cyber-resilient.
Wilson Nheu
CEO at BackupAssist

Hello, I’m Wilson Nheu and I’m the CEO at BackupAssist.

I spent nearly 10 years leading the R&D department at BackupAssist before taking on my current role. That first-hand insight into the nuts and bolts of our software, combined with a passion for market strategy have led me to where I am today.

There have been so many changes in the backup industry in the past few years, and I’m certain there will be even more in the years to come. We here at BackupAssist want to ensure that your business is cyber-resilient enough to keep up with the ever-evolving cyber-threat landscape, but at a cost that provides exceptional value for your money.

My goal is to ensure that BackupAssist evolves with the changing landscape while continuing to provide you with the products and services that meet your business needs.