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We think globally. Do you too?​

BackupAssist is a global business. We’re a proud believer in equal opportunity, cultural diversity, harmony and understanding in the workplace.

With three offices in three continents, a global team of dedicated professionals. Our team represent 7 birth countries, 15 different ethnicities, we fluently speak a total of 15 languages.

What unites us?
  1. Our common purpose, to bring cyber-resilience to all organizations,
  2. Our high productivity orientation, and
  3. Our core values
If you believe that you have what it takes to join our team and would enjoy the challenge, feel free to send a message to our head of Human Resources by completing the form below.

Our Core Values

We are helpful and supportive

Towards one another, we always show courtesy, respect, consideration, and tact. We are all part of the same tree, no matter what branch we belong to.

When someone has a problem, we offer to help construct a solution. We support each other to achieve our individual and team goals. This enables everyone to shine.

We do this as individuals, as departments, and as a company.

We are dependable

Our word is true. When we say we’ll do something, we follow through. We keep our promises to each other and our customers.

We also know our limits. When unsure about meeting a commitment, we find the courage to speak up.

And if a roadblock appears, we don’t just stop. We solve it ourselves, or find someone who can. That way, as a company and as individuals, everyone can count on us.

We learn, improve​​ and grow

When we cast our egos aside, every life experience can be a learning opportunity. As no one is perfect, there’s always room to learn, improve, and grow.

Whether we proactively seek new knowledge through self-education, or learn through reflection and introspection, our growth mindset means transcending today’s limitations and becoming better tomorrow.

As a team, we learn from each other’s knowledge and experiences, and we speak out when we see opportunities for improvement. Our thoughts and ideas light the path to our collective growth.

We strive for the extra degree​​

Water is hot at 99℃. But at 100℃, it becomes steam, and can power an engine. In the right place, one extra degree can yield highly leveraged results.

We strive for that extra degree. Why have a happy client when we can have a raving fan? Why produce good software when it can be great?

This means spotting the right opportunities, applying our efforts in the right way, and working with consistency, persistence and application to achieve the result.

Explore Your Career Opportunities

If you live in or around Melbourne (Australia), Louisville (USA), or Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), joining our team may be a great career move for you.
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