ELOVADE Italia S.p.A.

ELOVADE Italia S.p.A.

ELOVADE Italia S.p.A., located in Milano, has been distributing software to system integrators, network solution providers and IT consultants since February 1997.

ELOVADE Italia S.p.A. exclusively represent software solutions from a select list of vendor partners.

ELOVADE Italia S.p.A.’s resellers receive a high level of attention in the areas of pre-sales, education and technical support services.

Contact details

Website www.elovade.it/portfolio/backupassist/
Email sales@elovade.it
Phone +39 02 54108204
Fax +39 02 5461894
Address ELOVADE Italia S.p.A.
Viale Monte Nero 4,
Milano, MI 20135