Modifying system settings


System settings in BackupAssist are settings that apply globally to all backup jobs, such as the backup user identity, which is required to let BackupAssist perform a backup when no user is logged into the machine.

To modify system settings:

  1. Click Settings in the navigation bar.

See the following for a more details on how to configure each of the system settings available:

Backup user identity
The identity used by BackupAssist to simulate a login to the machine and perform a backup.


Network paths
A global list of network paths/directories that are available for backup selection.


Email server settings
The details of the mail server used to send email reminders and report notifications.

Trouble-shooting tools
Tools to correct issues with backups and hardware problems.


Email address list
A global list of email addresses that you can send notifications to within any job.

Net send address list (excludes Vista / Server 2008)
A global list of network addresses that you can send notifications to within any job.


Centralized monitoring
Setup centralized monitoring to receive a compiled backup report of the status of all your backup jobs, including jobs running across multiple BackupAssist installations.

  proxy settings

Proxy settings
Configure BackupAssist proxy settings to permit BackupAssist web requests (eg. Centralized Monitoring, license activation, diagnostics).


Windows settings (Windows Server 2008 R2 only)
Configure settings that affect the behaviour of Windows Server 2008 R2, such as enabling incremental backups for Windows Imaging backups.