BackupAssist Reseller Newsletter for August 2020

BackupAssist wishes all our partners, resellers and distributors in North America and Canada.

Product News

In these unprecedented times, with the world being tested like never before, it’s a good time to reflect on what’s truly important. And for us, it’s our relationship with you, our network of partners.

In this edition, we are pleased to share:

  • New features in BackupAssist 365 1.7.0
  • A maintenance release of our favorite solution, BackupAssist Classic 10.5.4
  • Update to our new BackupAssist ER 1.1 with new storage compatibility features

Latest news about BackupAssist ER 1.1.0

BackupAssist ER 1.1.0 release is on Monday, August 24.

This is a feature release for BackupAssist ER. The following are draft release notes and may change in the final version.

  • Introduced support for S3-compatible cloud backup destinations. This includes support for destinations like Wasabi, MinIO etc.
  • New option to launch the Exchange Granular Restore tool manually so clients can extract emails from .edb/.pst files previously recovered from a cloud backup.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented recovery or instant boot from a backup that was done when the job was disabled
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Lifeline Recovery to incorrectly report “recovery succeeded” when the connection to the backup or the recovery destination is lost during the recovery.
  • Improved flexibility on the recovery destination when there is more than 1 volume in the backup. e.g. Input: 4TB disk; partitions C*/D/E*/F are 1TB. Options now include: restore C/E to 2TB disk or F to 1TB disk.
  • Fixed an issue where a recovery could fail, in some circumstances, when a scheduled backup starts during the recovery process.
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong error message was displayed when trying to run a recovery while a backup is running. Previously it was displaying a CryptoSafeGuard error.
  • Fixed potentially inaccurate subscription-renewal-date display in the licensing screen.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a CryptoSafeGuard scan to hang because of a specific file pattern.
  • On the “Your recover options” page, the help links and action buttons have been rearranged.
  • Improved the handling of volume and bare-metal selections when validating jobs.
  • Entered license keys are now validated for the correct format before submission.
  • The Action buttons for the “Restore from available backup” page no longer scroll off the page if the grid is too long.
  • Resized the column widths for the files table in the Recover properties to optimize the space usage.
  • Updated the BackupAssist ER icon in the list of installed applications.
  • CryptoSafeGuard will now be enabled by default.
  • The S3-compatible Backup properties will default to require https as the default URL setting.
  • Information about the public and private cloud providers that support S3-compatible will be shown when that option is selected.
  • Other applications can now appear in front of the BackupAssist ER splash screen.
  • Removed the NTFS and file ownership options when downloading backups. These are not relevant to backup downloading.
  • Improved the backup report warnings for reverse-incremental problems.

Latest news about BackupAssist 365

Our team continues to work through many feature requests and are happy to have completed several major features including backing up to network shares, support for 2FA tenants accounts across Mailbox, SharePoint and OneDrive for Business backups, and compatibility with Exchange 2019.

Some of this functionality has already been released, while others are available as a “Community Build” (early access).

The current release v1.7.1 contained:

  • Modern Authentication (web browser auth) for Mailbox backups – necessary where 2FA was enabled
  • Support for multiple document libraries in SharePoint
  • All config files are now stored in PROGRAMDATA instead of SYSTEMPROFILE
  • Reduced the amount of logging by 60% for mailbox tasks
  • Improved the speed of loading sites in SharePoint when configuring a task
  • Small GUI enhancements for usability

Latest news about BackupAssist Classic

BackupAssist Classic 10.5.4 had a minor a maintenance release earlier this month which contained:

  • Fixed a bug that allowed the “Switch Trial Experience“ option to be available after a license has been activated.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented passwords being changed on WebDAV Cloud Backup jobs.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Cloud Backup restores to fail due to the inability to write certain files to the user profile WindowsApps folder.
  • Reduced the likelihood of getting a BA7002 error in a backup report, due to a timeout when uploading the catalogue to a cloud container.
  • Fixed issue that could cause a Hyper-V Granular Restore to fail due to the presence of AutoRecovery files in the backup.
  • Improved the performance and stability of Cloud Backup jobs.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause intermittent corruption of an Amazon S3 cloud container if the Discover Backups feature was used with the wrong region.
  • Changed the structure of backup data in new WebDAV containers to improve performance and scalability.
  • Note - existing Cloud Backup WebDAV jobs will continue to work as they were. The structure of the backup data will not change. The new backup data structure will only apply to new jobs created with 10.5.4 (and later).


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