BackupAssist 10 Feature Article: Cloud Independence

June 23rd, 2017


In this BackupAssist 10 feature article, we’ll be talking about how Cloud Independence. Specifically, what it is, how it benefits you, and how this compares to other cloud backup software models.

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Strangest IT Support Ticket Names

June 21st, 2017


Ever manned a help desk? Even if you haven’t, you’ll find these unusual ticket names amusing. Here are some of the things users tried to ask for help with, and worded very badly. Read the rest of this entry »

Improving Your Google-Fu: How To Find Anything You Want

June 19th, 2017


You’re looking for something. Of course, you go to Google and look it up. But that pesky page you want to find is being elusive. You probably know someone who could find it in a heartbeat; but you want to be able to do it yourself!

You know the diagnosis: your Google-Fu is weak. The good news is, it doesn’t need to be terminal. With just a few simple tricks, you can stop wasting hours searching for answers, and find what you’re looking for on the first try.

It’s time to learn, young grasshopper.

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BackupAssist 10 Feature Article: Data Deduplication

June 16th, 2017


With BackupAssist 10, when you send your backups to the cloud, your data is deduplicated. But what does that mean? In this article, we’ll cover what deduplication is, and how it saves you time, storage space, and money.

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Twelve Tacky Tech Ties For Father’s Day

June 14th, 2017


Father’s Day. The day in which you show fathers how much you appreciate them raising you for about two decades… by getting them a single clothing accessory. Seems legit.

If you’re almost anywhere else in the world other than Australia (A June father’s day? Naw mate, we’re doing it in September), Father’s day is just around the corner. And you’re probably either looking for something to buy your dear old dad, or if you have kids, subtly hinting to them what you really want.

(Of course, if they’re young enough, you’ll just be searching for a father’s day gift to give to yourself).

Ties, of course, are a great gift for dads. Many men subtly express themselves through their ties. I have a friend who has a completely normal tie, until you flip it around and find a superhero emblazoned beneath. It gives him confidence in meetings, and also speaks to his inner geek. It’s often the only piece of clothing in a business environment you get to make your own.

For those looking for a gift for father’s day, or simply looking to express their love of tech through a simple neck-tie, here are some fantastic* ties that are worth checking out.

* Fantastic is relative. 

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Harrowing Messages from Ransomware Victims

June 9th, 2017


If you needed any evidence that ransomware makers have no shame, here it is. The creators of one ransomware strain set up a ‘technical support’ page for their victims—and the messages they have left are truly distressing.

A father with little cash, robbed of his baby’s pictures; a non-profit that raises money for curing blood cancer, pleading for a refund; a housecleaning business set up by maids who can’t afford to pay the ransom.

The site not only shows victims pleading directly with the ransomware makers. It also shows an exceptionally rare event; the ransomware makers speaking back to the victims, giving a glimpse into their psychology.

Warning: Confronting.

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BackupAssist 10 Feature Article: The Cloud Backup Job

June 7th, 2017


If you haven’t heard, BackupAssist 10 is now live, and with it comes a whole slew of new features. We’ll be covering them all in a series of articles over the next few weeks, so you can find out just how much value this latest release has to offer your business.

The biggest addition, by far, is the introduction of the Cloud Backup job. In this article, we’ll cover the following topics:

  • Why perform a Cloud Backup?
  • What and where can I backup to Public Cloud?
  • What sort of Restore and Recovery options are supported?
  • What sort of speeds can I expect for Cloud Backup and Cloud Restores?
  • How do I perform a Cloud Backup or Cloud Restore job?

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Australian Office Closed Monday 12th June for Queen’s Birthday

June 2nd, 2017


Our Australian Office will be closed on Monday 12th June due to the Queen’s Birthday public holiday.  As such, our Australian Support and Sales services will be unavailable on this day. However, US Support and Sales will both continue to operate as normal.
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Why WCry Marks a World Turning Point

May 29th, 2017


I’m going to say something controversial, so brace yourself—the WCry ransomware was a good thing.

Now make no mistake about it. Ransomware is evil. It’s used to literally hold people’s lives hostage. Just like a tornado, it destroys businesses and lives. But it’s far worse, because people make ransomware…and knowing what it does, deliberately inflict it upon other people.

If you haven’t heard of the WCry ransomware (A.k.a. WannaCry or WannaCrypt), you must have been living under a rock. Just over a week ago, the WCry ransomware worm attacked more than 200,000 computers in 150 countries.

And when it did, something changed.

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Memorial Day 29th May 2017 – US Office closed

May 25th, 2017


Our US Office will closed on Monday 29th May due to Memorial Day.  As such, our US Support and Sales services will be unavailable on this day. However, Australian Support and Sales will both continue to operate as normal.

For any urgent inquiries, please contact the Australian Support team or email us at

Here’s some more information on our Australian Support Center contact info and opening hours.