DNA Data Storage and Computing: The Future of Data?

August 26th, 2016

DNA Data Storage Server

Imagine a world where instead of using a hard drive, you store your data in your own genes: up to 1,000,000,000 TB in a speck on your hand.

Science fiction? Not quite. Big name companies like Microsoft believe DNA data storage is the future, and are investing heavily into it.

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EOL Products Are a Server Security Risk; IT Experts

August 24th, 2016

EOL Expiry Date Security Risks

Software, like milk, has an expiry date. It’s called the software’s End of Life (EOL). Just like your milk, when it reaches this date it’s time to throw it out.

You wouldn’t keep and drink old milk, right? That’d be gross, and bad for your health. What a lot of people don’t realize it’s just as bad to do the same with EOL software, except it risks your business’s health instead.

According to BDNA president Walker White, more than 99 percent of malware and viruses that target software vulnerabilities enter through old, outdated software with known weak points.

“These products may remain on a network and are not removed because no one is using them, and no one has turned off their lights,” White said. “A hacker will exploit that kind of leftover artifact.”

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Why Your Business Needs To Test Restore

August 18th, 2016

test restore

Imagine that your business suffers a data disaster. An employee has opened a malicious file with a virus in it, there’s been a flooding in the server room, or someone’s just accidentally deleted a vital file. No problem, you’ve got backups, right?

Unfortunately, when you boot up your backup, you find it doesn’t work. But it’s nothing to do with your backup software—you forgot to run a test restore with your backup. Your backup data is corrupt and unusable, leaving you without the original and a copy.

So why does this happen in the first place? Well, the truth is there’s thousands of ways it could happen—here are some of the most common.

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Elite NSA Hacking Group Gets Hacked

August 17th, 2016

NSA hacked Shadowbrokers Equation Group

In an ironic twist, the U.S’s National Security Agency (NSA) has been hacked by hackers. Their elite hacking tools are now up for auction for over half a million dollars, available to the highest bidder.

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Five Funny Laws of Backup and Recovery

August 16th, 2016

Murphys laws backup recovery computing

It’s Murphy’s Law—what can go wrong, will go wrong. Of course, the same holds true for your data!

Here’s a list of funny laws that always seem to hold true when it comes to backup and recovery.

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The Pros and Cons of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

August 12th, 2016


BYOD—for those not in the know, it doesn’t stand for ‘Bring Your Own Drinks’. It’s ‘Bring Your Own Device’ and it’s becoming more and more popular.

At first glance, BYOD is a great deal for both businesses and employees. It’s convenient to just use your high-grade laptop to link into the work servers and get stuff done wherever and whenever you need to. For businesses, that’s less IT infrastructure to pay for.

But is it really worth the payoff?

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How Your IoT Home or Car Can Be Hacked By Ransomware

August 10th, 2016

IoT Ransomware security

In the future, your household appliances or even your car could be turned against you—and it’s easier to do than you think.

Hackers recently demonstrated this by hacking a smart thermostat with ransomware, forcing it to stay at 99 degrees. The thermostat demanded $300 in bitcoins to regain its control.

The hackers said it was “so easy” to deliver ransomware via the Internet of Things (IoT), meaning people’s homes or vehicles could be upturned by hackers and held for ransom in the near future.

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New Stampado Ransomware Sold For A Steal

August 5th, 2016

Stampado Ransomware

For just a measly $39, anyone can buy software that can lock down your business and hold it for ransom.

This is the era we live in now—one where businesses, organizations and even hospitals are at threat from anyone willing to fork out the price of a restaurant meal to criminals on the dark web.

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Funny Questions You Can Ask Cortana in Windows 10

July 29th, 2016


The Windows 10 assistant, Cortana, definitely has a sense of humor. You might have also met here if you have a Windows Phone.

It’s clear that Cortana is Microsoft’s answer to Apple’s Siri. In some ways, she’s actually far more responsive to your questions. While you may have asked her about the weather or for directions, there’s actually a lot of funny things you can ask the Microsoft assistant.

We asked Cortana a ton of questions and got some pretty witty answers in response. Here are some screenshots of some of the best things you can ask her. We recommend asking multiple times, since she’s often got several responses to the same question!

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Five Things In Life You Wish You Could Backup and Restore

July 28th, 2016

Backup and Restore Do Over

We’ve all had that fantasy of being able to rewind time and get a do-over. It’s simple with data, but not so simple with everything else!

Here’s a list of five things in life you probably wish had restore points in case things go south.

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