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  • Windows Server, SQL, Exchange, Hyper-V & Windows 10
  • Backup and restore bare metal or down to individual folder, file or app.
  • Unlimited restore points and data retention / version history
  • Protect backups from Ransomware using CryptoSafeGuard
  • Setup custom reports & notifications via email
  • Local backup options for USB, RDX, iSCSI and NAS
  • Fully automated cloud backup option for AWS, Azure, private cloud
  • 5 year price freeze on renewals


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Backup Locally or to the Cloud


Windows Server

Backup Microsoft Windows Server on-premise. Supports local and cloud. Bare metal recovery or down to individual file or app.



Backup Microsoft Hyper-V Servers and restore VMs or granular files within VMs.


Backup Microsoft Exchange Servers. Restore the entire server, mailboxes or individual items.

sql server

SQL Server

Backup Microsoft SQL Servers – full and transaction log backups for near continuous protection.

The Backup Solution Of Choice

  • Affordable, Reliable & Fast
  • Set & Forget Backups
  • Perform Fast, Flexible Backups of Physical & Hyper-V Servers
  • Reliably restore systems, data & applications
  • Restore mission critical environments with minimal downtime
  • Easy to use remote management, no matter where you are
  • Small, Medium & Enterprise at a price that won't break your budget
  • Modular add-ons so you only pay for what you need

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Restore & Recovery When You Need It

Full Server Backups Via Drive Imaging

  • Optimized for full system recovery.
  • When used with removable disks, gives the best resilience against ransomware.
  • Recent backup history available.
  • Back up to USB HDD, RDX, iSCSI, NAS.

File & App Backups To The Cloud

  • Optimized for fully automated offsite backups - no human intervention required.
  • Deduplicated, compressed, encrypted data for security and confidentiality.
  • Backup history available.
  • Back up to AWS, Azure, private cloud.

File Replication & Versioning Backups

  • Optimized for keeping years of backup history.
  • Single instance store for unchanged files saves storage space.
  • Locate past versions easily.
  • Perform point-in-time restores for protected file systems.
  • Back up to NAS, iSCSI, USB HDD, RDX.

File Archiving Backups

  • Optimized for long term data retention and compliance situations.
  • Keep years of history using offline media.
  • Back up to USB HDD, RDX, iSCSI, NAS, Tape.

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