BackupAssist installation & migration

BackupAssist is available for download from our website. This is a fully functional 30-day trial version of BackupAssist (including all add-ons).

Installation preparations

Read this section before installing BackupAssist. It explains how to download BackupAssist, and what the .NET, system and service pack requirements are.

BackupAssist installation

This section explains how to install BackupAssist onto the computer that will be used to run your backups. Most backups will be of data and volumes on the local server, but file backups also allow you to select data on shares if the share has been added to BackupAssist using Network paths

You will need to install BackupAssist using an account with the required permissions to that computer.

Note: A reboot will be required after BackupAssist has installed if you are installing onto a computer that does not have an earlier version of BackupAssist, or if any system or framework files need to be installed.

BackupAssist migration

When you run BackupAssist 10 for the first time, it will check if you have upgraded from an earlier version of BackupAssist, and give you a chance to migrate your settings and backup jobs.

Note: To license the latest version of BackupAssist you need valid BackupCare. BackupCare gives you access to the latest version. To confirm your current BackupCare status simply check your current license.