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BackupAssist 365 Community Builds

Regularly updated, early access to the latest features.

What is a community build?

A community build is a pre-release build that has passed through internal testing, and is ready for our community to try. We encourage our community to try the software in a variety of environments, to identify potential issues in the field.

Community build: Faster opening of PST files

Release notes

When backing up huge mailboxes (e.g. 30GB +) to fragmented hard drives, it can take a long time (hours) to open a PST file. This build includes caching mechanisms to reduce the opening time by a factor of 2 to 10.

Community build: Mailbox restore

Release notes

This version of BackupAssist 365 features a command line option for performing mailbox restores. 

We will build a GUI for this and integrate it into the BA365 console. However, the functionality can also be accessed via command line – and a sample batch file shows how to do this:


set TASKNUM=1000


set PSTPATH=C:\MailboxBackups

set EGREXE="C:\Program Files (x86)\Cortex I.T. Labs Pty Ltd\BackupAssist 365\maillibnet\Egr.UI.ConsoleApp.exe"

set LOGDIR="C:\Logs"

%EGREXE% --task_number=%TASKNUM% --src_path="%PSTPATH%\%SOURCE%" --src_type=PST --dest_type=EWS --dest_url= --dest_user="%USER%" --dest_password="%PW%" --log_dir=%LOGDIR% --skip_reading_errors --skip_saving_errors --target_mailbox="%TARGET%"

Previous Community Builds

Past community builds have been incorporated into the mainstream release and are available on the BackupAssist 365 Downloads page.

FunctionalityVersion releaseRelease date
Mailbox backups: prevent infinite retries if Exchange returns an invalid XML response.v1.9.0.012 Feb 2021
Mailbox backups: preserve folder structure for deleted items in the "Historical Items" folderv1.8.224 Dec 2020
Back up files from Dropbox and SFTP (provided as beta functionality)v1.8.224 Dec 2020
OneDrive for Business - automatic rights grantingv1.8.126 Oct 2020
Faster reconnection after network problemsv1.8.010 Sep 2020
Network share support - back up to a network sharev1.7.127 Sep 2020
Exchange Server TLS 1.2 support - use TLS 1.2 to connect to Exchange Servers - necessary where TLS 1.0 and 1.1 have been disabled. This also enables connection to Exchange 2019.v1.7.110 Aug 2020
SharePoint / OneDrive for Business login reauthentication fixv1.7.110 Aug 2020