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BackupAssist 365 Community Builds

Regularly updated, early access to the latest features.

What is a community build?

A community build is a pre-release build that has passed through internal testing, and is ready for our community to try. We encourage our community to try the software in a variety of environments, to identify potential issues in the field.

Community build: Backing up In-Place Archives (Mailbox backup)

Release notes

Allows you to select “In-place Archives” for backup. Offers you 3 different options:

  1. Main mailbox only
  2. In-place archives only
  3. Main mailbox + in-place archives.

Community build: Backing up Recoverable Items folder (formerly called Dumpster)

Release notes

Allows you to select whether to back up the Recoverable Items folder.

By default, Office 365 will put all deleted items into the Recoverable Items folder (formerly known as Dumpster) for a retention period – which is 14 days by default, or configurable up to 30 days. After this time, the items are deleted.

Backing up this Recoverable Items folder can be useful to capture any items that are delivered and then deleted in between backups. For example, if an email arrives at 10am, is hard deleted at 11am, and the backups run at 9pm, that email would not normally get backed up.

However, it can be backed up from the Recoverable Items folder, if this feature is enabled.

Community build: Faster opening of PST files

Release notes

When backing up huge mailboxes (e.g. 30GB +) to fragmented hard drives, it can take a long time (hours) to open a PST file. This build includes caching mechanisms to reduce the opening time by a factor of 2 to 10.

Previous Community Builds

Past community builds have been incorporated into the mainstream release and are available on the BackupAssist 365 Downloads page.

FunctionalityVersion releaseRelease date
Support for backing up SharePoint Subsitesv1.9.1.130 June 2021
New Graphical User Interface (GUI)v1.9.131 May 2021
Mailbox restore via CLIv1.9.0.517 May 2021
Mailbox backups: prevent infinite retries if Exchange returns an invalid XML response.v1.9.0.012 Feb 2021
Mailbox backups: preserve folder structure for deleted items in the "Historical Items" folderv1.8.224 Dec 2020
Back up files from Dropbox and SFTP (provided as beta functionality)v1.8.224 Dec 2020
OneDrive for Business - automatic rights grantingv1.8.126 Oct 2020
Faster reconnection after network problemsv1.8.010 Sep 2020
Network share support - back up to a network sharev1.7.127 Sep 2020
Exchange Server TLS 1.2 support - use TLS 1.2 to connect to Exchange Servers - necessary where TLS 1.0 and 1.1 have been disabled. This also enables connection to Exchange 2019.v1.7.110 Aug 2020
SharePoint / OneDrive for Business login reauthentication fixv1.7.110 Aug 2020