Product Pricing

BackupAssist 365

  • Back up your entire tenant, or just selected assets
  • Pay for what you use; upsize anytime

Our licensing is a simple yearly subscription that is based on the number of unique users – see the FAQ below for more details

Price per user

$1.20/user per month
paid annually
Minimum purchase of 10 users
  • Unlimited shared assets (SharePoint and Shared Mailboxes)
  • Backup user assets (Exchange Mailboxes and OneDrive for Business)
  • You can choose which users to protect

Business Starter Pack

$12.00 per month paid annually
  • Unlimited shared assets (SharePoint and Shared Mailboxes)
  • Up to 10 user assets (Exchange Mailboxes and OneDrive for Business)
  • You can choose which users to protect

Additional Users

$1.20/user per month paid annually
  • Add additional users at any time

Volume discount available – prices are automatically adjusted in the shopping cart when buying more than 25 and more than 50 users in one transaction

MSP Pricing is available – to learn about our programs, register your MSP Expression of Interest, or phone us on 1-855-875-2814

Pricing FAQ

There’s only one version of BackupAssist 365. But as a general public service, we do allow you to run backups of SharePoint in “mirror mode”, even if you don’t have a license.

Mirror mode is where the versioning and encryption features are turned off.

This allows you to pull down files from SharePoint to a local machine, and then include your SharePoint files in your backups of your local machine.

Similar functionality is available by using the OneDrive Sync tool from Microsoft, but unfortunately that sync tool presents a security risk. Because it is a bi-directional sync, any changes made to your local version of the file system (such as a ransomware corruption) will be automatically replicated to SharePoint.

Running BackupAssist 365 in “mirror mode” performs a one-way sync, so the risk of ransomware corruption being replicated to the cloud is eliminated.

We follow the Microsoft convention to make things simple.

  • Shared Resources – SharePoint Sites, Shared Mailboxes and Public Folders Mailboxes

  • User Resources – user mailboxes, and OneDrive for Business storage accounts

If you have valid BackupAssist 365 user licenses (i.e. the subscription has not expired), then you will automatically be able to back up unlimited shared resources.

BackupAssist 365 User licenses are required to back up User Resources. You can choose which User Resources to back up, and you will only be charged for those users you are protecting.

A user corresponds to a user identity, which is usually an person identified by an email address.

If a person has multiple aliases, we do not count aliases as separate users. Instead, if multiple aliases are used, we deduplicate them back to the individual person (or in Microsoft’s ecosystem, the Office 365 license).

We understand that some businesses may use multiple cloud services, so we have structured our licensing to be as fair as possible. If the one user uses multiple services (for example, Office 365 hosted email, OneDrive, Dropbox), this counts as one license.

Here is a simple example. Let’s say Acme Inc. uses the following services:

Office 365 email –,,

OneDrive for Business –,,

Dropbox –

The total number of users counted by BackupAssist 365 is 4 (amy, chris, peter and tara).