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Why Work With Us?

Cortex I.T. Labs has built a great work environment by hiring great people. Our employees often invite their friends to work here - a testimony to our successful efforts to build a challenging and rewarding work place, where "team" comes naturally.

Worldwide we've got great clients, partners and resellers - from progressive local businesses to giant multi-nationals - providing opportunity and reward for everyone. We work closely with all our employees to define their career goals and give them the experience they need to grow professionally. The management team at Cortex I.T. Labs fosters an atmosphere where individuals are encouraged to speak up about their ideas and concerns.

The success of Cortex I.T. Labs brings with it the opportunity to expand as more SMBs and larger organizations seek to benefit from the software solutions and expertise we provide. A priority for us is attracting and retaining highly motivated people who would like to be a part of our future possible.

Equal Opportunities Policy - Cortex I.T. Labs is committed to equality of opportunity and to non-discrimination on the grounds of disability, sex, marital status, race, colour, creed, and to the principle that employees should work in an environment free from intimidation and harassment.