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Restore & Disaster

Our software lets you swiftly and reliably restore any data you may lose, saving you from trouble or financial ruin.
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Never Stress When Data Is Lost, Ever Again

Trusted by companies and customers in over 165 countries.
Bare Metal Recovery for Servers.
Restore individual files, folders, drives.
Spin up lost or damaged VMs in seconds.
Powerful backup search. Supports Wildcard.
Granularly restore e-mail items.
Achieve SQL RPO's as low as five minutes.

Bare Metal Recovery

Recover entire systems swiftly, simply, and successfully.

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RecoverAssist: Our Powerful Recovery Tool

RecoverAssist makes any bare-metal recovery easy and stress free
Unlike a typical windows boot environment, you're presented with a toolkit with all the things you need to recover your servers ASAP.
Not just a 'Next' Button: RecoverAssist offers you an easy-to-understand and powerful boot environment where you can troubleshoot and recover your servers with ease.
Your Personal Toolkit: You can customize your RecoverAssist boot environment, adding all the drivers and apps you'll need for when disaster strikes.
Our Suggested Apps: We provide you with a dozen popular disaster recovery and diagnostic apps which you can easily add to your RecoverAssist boot environment.
Hardware Agnostic: With RecoverAssist, you can perform a bare-metal recovery to the same or dissimilar hardware.
Easy Driver and App Search: Never scour through directories ever again looking for this driver or that app. In RecoverAssist, what you need is only ever a click away.
Flexible Backup Media: Perform a bare-metal recovery from local disk, USB, HDD, NAS, SAN, iSCSI, RDX or Tape.
Support Team Access: Communicate with the BackupAssist Support Team from within your boot environment, getting help from our disaster recovery professionals when you need it most.

Rapid & Full VM Recoveries

Spin lost or damaged VMs in seconds.

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Fully Recover Your Data

Rapid VM Recovery: Immediately bring lost or damaged Hyper-V guests back online in just seconds by running them off your backup media.
Meanwhile, perform a full recovery in the background, with any changes moving over when the process is complete.
Full VM Recovery: Recover your Hyper-V guest in its entirety - think of it as bare-metal recovery for VMs. You can also recover your Hyper-V host to bare metal.
Recover What You Want: Select all, some, or one of your guests to recover from your backups as needed.

Swiftly Restore Your Data

With just a few clicks, quickly retrieve any conceivable type of data, freeing up your time for other things.

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Recovery Features

Restore What You Want: Restore files, folders, apps, drives, systems and more.
Granular Exchange: Recover individual mail items from your Exchange Server, such as e-mails, attachments, calendar data, and contact lists. You can also restore select Exchange Databases, or your whole Exchange server at once, or directly inject these items back onto a live Exchange server.
Granular SQL: Perform point-in-time restores of your SQL databases, winding back the clock on a transactional level.
Granular Hyper-V: Restore files, folders, apps, and drives from within a Hyper-V guest backup, just as you would from a physical server.
All Modern Backup Media: Restore your data from backups kept on local disk, public or private cloud, USB, HDD, NAS, SAN, iSCSI, RDX, Tape.
Sharepoint Support: Restore entire Sharepoint servers and databases.

Amazing Search Tools

Our Restore Search tool allows you to swiftly scour your backups even when they're not connected.

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About Our Search Tools

Wildcard Search: You don't need to know the full or even partial name of the file, folder or drive you're searching for.
Search By Almost Any Parameter: If you've got even a hint of what you're looking for, you can find it swiftly using our search tools. Search by:
The file type
The file size
The data range it was backed up
When the file was created or last modified
The parts of the file name you remember
Search Backup Logs: Our software allows you to scour through your backups even if they are not connected. This mean you can discover if the data you want is on a backup before you retrieve it.
Multi-Job / Multi-Backup Search: You can easily search multiple backups or different backup jobs for your files, not one-by-one.
Search Guest VMs: Using our Restore Search tool, you can easily search inside Guest VM backups and restore any files, folders, or apps you want.

Bootable Backups

Combine your Boot Disk and Backup Media onto a single handy disk.

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What are Bootable Backups?

BackupAssist lets you create a single USB HDD device that combines both your boot media and backup media - an all-in-one recovery media to make your life easier.
With it, you can recover an entire physical system to bare metal with just a few clicks.
Systems Supported
Microsoft Server Operating Systems

Microsoft Client Operating Systems

Microsoft VSS Applications*

Microsoft Virtual Environments