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The Hyper-V Advanced Add-on:

Rid Yourself of VM Downtime Forever

Spin up your crashed or lost Hyper-V guests in seconds, and granularly restore your guest data
Hyper-V Advanced is the Ultimate Backup and Recovery tool for users of Hyper-V

Rapid VM Recovery

Instantly bring back a Hyper-V guest back online with our Rapid VM Recovery feature.

This feature allows you to run your guest or guests off your Hyper-V backup destination, while performing a Full VM Recovery in the background.

Never experience downtime with your virtual servers again!

Granular Guest Restores

Want to restore select data from a Hyper-V server backup, without restoring the whole thing? No problem!

Hyper-V Advanced Add-on lets you perform granular guest restores from backups made from singular or multiple guests.

Save time by not having to restore whole VMs just to get a few files and folders from inside.

Individual Guest Recovery

With Hyper-V Advanced Add-on, you can create multi-guest backups. But this doesn't mean you have to restore them all at once!

With this add-on, you can also recover single, multiple, or all the guests from a multi-guest backup. This is on top of being able to perform a granular Hyper-V restore of data from within any of your backed up guests.

This process is incredibly quick and easy. You can access this individual Hyper-V recovery feature anytime from BackupAssist's dedicated Hyper-V tab.

Pay Per Host, Not Per Port

Unlike many backup products, BackupAssist doesn't make you pay per port, or limit you based on the number of guest you have.

Instead, you only need to buy one copy of BackupAssist and Hyper-V Advanced Add-on per Hyper-V host. This doesn't just save you money - you don't have to deal with multiple installations!

Exchange Compatible

When combined with our Exchange Granular Add-on, you can granularly restore mail items into any guests running Microsoft Exchange Server.

Want to learn more about Exchange Granular? Click here.

VSS, CSV Support

Our Hyper-V Advanced Add-on completely supports all Hyper-V technologies.

This includes Volume Shadow-Copy Service (VSS), Microsoft Replica (Master only), and Cluster Shared Volumes (CSV)

Compare the Features

Base License vs Hyper-V Advanced

Full VM Recovery
Rapid VM Recovery
Granular Host Recovery
Granular VM Recovery
Restore Individual Guests from Multi-Guest Backups
Licensed Per Host
Exchange Granular Recovery for Hyper-V Guests

System Specifications

Hyper-V Advanced Add-on System Specification
- Hyper-V Backup: Included in BackupAssist
- Hyper-V Restore: Hyper-V Advanced Add-on
Supported Microsoft OS
- Windows Hyper-V Server
- Windows Server 2016
- Windows Server 2012 & 2012 R2
- Windows Server 2008 & 2008 R2