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The SQL Continuous Add-On:

Perpetual Protection for SQL Servers

Keep your SQL server continuously protected from data loss with SQL-Continuous Add-on.
Get your Recovery Point Objective (RPO) down to just a few minutes.

Near-Continuous SQL Backup

Disasters happen. And if they do, you know you can't afford to lose more than a few minutes of SQL transaction data.

That's where our SQL Continuous Add-on comes in. With it, you can perform near-continuous SQL Backups.

Reduce your RPO to five minutes or less with SQL Continuous!

Point-in-Time SQL Restore

Need to restore your SQL Server back to a specific point in time or transaction? No problem!

SQL Cintunuous allows you to restore to any point-in-time backup you have made, minimizing or erasing your data loss.

Granular SQL Restoration

With SQL Continuous, you don't have to restore your whole SQL database when things go wrong.

You can select individual databases to restore as needed, putting the power in your hands.

VSS Consistent

Live SQL Servers are no problem with SQL Continuous.

Perform VSS application-consistent backups on your live SQL servers, minimizing your downtime when disaster strikes.

Hyper-V Compatible

When combined with our Hyper-V Advanced Add-on, you can restore your virtual SQL databases with ease.

Want to learn more about Hyper-V Advanced? Click here.

Remote SQL Backup & Restore

Not on site, or got multiple sites to manage?

With SQL Continuous, you can remotely backup and restore any number of remote SQL servers, in addition to your local SQL Server.

We also recommend checking out Multisite Manager.

Compare the Features

Base License vs SQL Continuous

Full SQL Server Backup
Full SQL Server Recovery
Selected SQL Database Backup
Selected SQL Database Recovery
Continuous Transaction-level SQL Backups
Point-in-time SQL Server Recovery
Remote SQL Server Backup
Remote SQL Server Recovery

System Specifications

SQL Continuous Add-on System Specification
- BackupAssist
- SQL Continuous Add-on
Supported Microsoft OS
- Microsoft SQL 2016
- Microsoft SQL 2014
- Microsoft SQL 2012
- Microsoft SQL 2008 & 2008 R2
- Microsoft SQL 2005