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The Best for Windows
Ranked the #1 Backup Software for
Windows Servers in 2017.
Fifteen Years of Experience
Founded in 2002, we've risen from a
small start-up to software giant.
Over 165 Countries
BackupAssist protects servers in over
165 countries worldwide.

Our Core Values

We Are Helpful & Supportive

Towards one another, we always show courtesy, respect, consideration, and tact. We are all part of the same tree, no matter what branch we belong to.

We always support and help one another, enabling us all to shine. We do this as individuals, as departments, and as a company.

When we bring a problem to someone, we also help and support them to construct a solution.

We Are Dependable

Our word is true. When we say we'll do something, we always follow through. We keep our promises to each other and our customers.

We also know our limits. If we are unsure we can do something (or certain we can't), we always speak up.

When a problem falls in our lap, we solve it ourselves, or find someone who can. As a company and as individuals, everyone can count on us.

We Learn, Improve and Grow

Egos aside. There's always room for us to learn, improve, and grow. That's our chosen mindset.

We are always proactively striving to become better and transcend our limitations.

We are open to new ideas, and speak out when we see opportunities for improvement. Our thoughts and ideas light the path to our collective growth.

Don't Be a Bad Apple!

We have no place for bad apples - they spoil the bunch.

Bad apples represent the opposite of our core values. They are rude, disrespectful, unreliable, and drag others down.

Instead of being helpful and supportive of others, they undermine, demotivate, deflect, and obstruct.