BackupAssist Software delivers a world-class server backup and recovery solution tailored to the needs of businesses, not-for-profit organizations and government entities in over 165 countries globally.

With over a decade of software development experience, BackupAssist excels at addressing the complexities inherent in securely protecting mission-critical systems and data, both in physical and virtualized IT environments.

BackupAssist Software is wholly committed to ensuring the highest possible levels of customer satisfaction, offering our advanced, reliable backup and recovery solution and a price-point accessible to organizations of all shapes and sizes.

 Furthermore, BackupAssist is dedicated to offering experienced, high-quality support services to all its customers.  To achieve this, BackupAssist has established two global support centers.  Our Americas/EMEA support center is located on the East Coast of the United States of America, while our Asia Pacific support center is located in Melbourne, Australia.

BackupAssist also works with a large community of Resellers, Channel Partners and distributors globally to ensure quality backup and recovery solutions are available right around the world.