You may want to think twice before ditching tape backups

May 26th, 2015

some things to consider before ditching tape backup

There are a lot of reasons to consider moving away from tape backups in a contemporary IT environment.  Nobody’s arguing that.  However, what you may not hear from a lot of people *cough cough cloud backup evangelists cough* are some very good reasons why your company shouldn’t be too hasty in making that decision.

Again, to reiterate, we’re definitely  not saying that you shouldn’t move past tape if that’s the right move for your business – all we’re saying is that there are some things to think about.

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Is an all in one backup solution is better than mix n’ match?

May 21st, 2015

Is an all in one backup solution better than mix n match?

Different backup solutions offer different features at different prices.  That’s an unavoidable fact.  But does this mean that by combining different software solutions within your environment, you’re going to get better protection that if you just used an all in one backup solution? Well, spoiler alert – probably not.

In fact, wherever possible, you’re almost always going to be better off finding a single solution that handles all of your needs.  By mixing and matching different types of backup software, you’re opening your data protection strategy up to some serious downsides.

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Important – New BackupAssist Update Available to Correct Unhandled Exception Issue

May 19th, 2015

Important BackupAssist update

Following some recent security patches from Microsoft, we’ve received reports that a small number of BackupAssist users have experienced some difficulty when trying to manually run a backup within our software.  Our developers reacted immediately upon receiving these reports, and have now made available an update to our software that corrects the issue.

If you’re using BackupAssist v8 and have experienced any issues with running a manual backup since the Windows Patches were made live on 12th May 2015, we strongly recommend you download the latest version of BackupAssist at your soonest convenience.  This version is available to all users, and will not require valid Upgrade Protection if you are already using any other version of BackupAssist v8.

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US Office closed Monday 25th May 2015 for Memorial Day

May 15th, 2015

US office closed for memorial day

Our US Office will closed on Monday 25th May due to Memorial Day.  As such, our US Support and Sales services will be unavailable on this day. However, Australian Support and Sales will both continue to operate as normal.

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3 cases where Exchange Granular Restore will save your bacon!

May 14th, 2015

Exchange Granular Restore can save your bacon!


So you’re looking to back up your small business’s Exchange Server?  Well, what you may not be aware is that there are two different levels of Exchange Server protection that most backup solutions offer – database level, and granular restore.  With a database-level backup, you’ll be able to recover entire Exchange databases – which is great in the event of losing the whole server in a disaster, natural or otherwise.   But what if you need to restore a single email?

In this article, we take a look at 3 scenarios where it will pay dividends to have granular restore capabilities in your Exchange backup solution.

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How to restore a Hyper-V guest

May 12th, 2015


Our previous article looked at how to create a Hyper-V guest backup. In this article, we look at how to restore a single guest.

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4 simple steps for disaster recovery planning [infographic]

May 7th, 2015

4 steps towards disaster recovery planning

Is your business starting to think about its Disaster Recovery planning?  We really hope so.  Because if you lose your IT infrastructure to disaster, it’s going to have a serious impact on your business.  In fact, a lot of SMBs don’t recover at all.

There’s a lot of information out there on planning for disaster recovery, but a lot of it is very dry, technical content.  It’s invaluable advice that you’ll definitely need to read, but what if you need to explain the importance of disaster recovery planning to someone who’s less technically savvy?  Well, this infographic should help!

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Creating reliable Exchange Granular Restore backups

May 5th, 2015


This article is important for any customers who have our Exchange Granular Restore Add-on, because it explains common mistakes that are made when creating backups for EGR.

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How to install Windows Server Backup 2012

May 1st, 2015

windows install banner

This article explains how to install Window Server Backup 2012 and 2008.

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Reducing your RPO for SQL Servers

April 28th, 2015

reducing RPO for SQL Servers

If your business deals with any significant amount of data, chances are an SQL Server is a vital part of your IT environment.  There’s no doubt that you’re backing this server up regularly, because in a contemporary business environment you can’t afford to risk losing those databases.  But the real question is, have you thought about recovery?

RPO (Recovery Point Objective) refers to how much data your company can afford to lose during a recovery.  It’s what dictates the kinds of backups you perform and how regularly.  The key point to keep in mind is that, as with all elements of your backup strategy, your RPO for SQL Servers needs to be both adequate and realistic.  So how do you know if yours is?

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