The Definitive Ransomware Protection Guide for Business in 2020
Prepare - Survive - Recover
Cyber Resilience

You back up, but are you actually cyber-resilient? These mistakes will force you to pay the ransom.

Many people think they are protected against hacking, data deletion and ransomware attacks because they do backups… only to find that after a cyber event, their backups were either destroyed or were ineffective. In this article, cyber-resilience expert Linus Chang breaks down the top 5 mistakes that means victims still have to pay ransoms to cyber criminals, despite having a backup system in place.

Cyber Resilience

Bare-Metal Disaster Recovery Guide – updated for 2020

To achieve a successful bare-metal recovery, you need the right backup. In this article, we look at what makes a backup the ‘right backup’, and how to perform a recovery using Windows Server or BackupAssist.

Cyber Resilience

What is Cyber-Resilience for SMEs in 2020?

Cyber-resilience is “an organization’s ability to recover from an adverse cyber-event”. How well can you recover from hacking, ransomware, natural disasters?