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Cyber Resilience

How can SMEs be cyber-resilient in 2022?

Cyber-resilience is the ability of an organization to withstand cyber-attacks and continue operations. It is important for business owners and sys admins to understand the concept of cyber-resilience and how they can make their organization more resilient.

Cyber Resilience

Estimating cloud storage costs for your backups

Cloud storage is a game-changer when it comes to cyber resilience and backup strategies. It simplifies storing offsite backups and abstracts away hardware complexities. However, left unchecked, cloud backup storage costs can get out of control quickly. Fortunately, by taking a strategic approach to cloud backups you can get the benefits while limiting the cost.

Cyber Resilience

Cloud backups and preparing for success in the face of disaster

Here’s a little backup industry secret: a lot of the information published about how to craft a cloud BDR (backup and disaster recovery) strategy is hype that promotes overengineering and overspending. After all, BDR companies make money when you buy our products, which creates strong incentives to focus on the risk side of the risk/reward calculations.