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D2D2C Backup & Recovery: An IT Specialist’s Guide

Welcome to the high-stakes world of data protection, where safeguarding your organization’s invaluable data isn’t just about securing files; it’s about protecting your reputation, your

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Your data is your data: how BackupAssist ER is designed with careful data handling in mind

BackupAssist ER is a powerfully simple backup and recovery solution for SMBs that allows you to recover your critical Windows servers quickly from local storage, and from the cloud in case of other disasters. But it also gives you the ability to control your data privacy, sovereignty, accessibility, and anonymity – here’s how.

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First impressions – Disk to disk to cloud backup with BackupAssist ER and Wasabi

Wasabi hot cloud storage can be 80 percent cheaper than storage from Amazon and Microsoft. How well does it perform with BackupAssist ER? How long will it take to upload a system image to their cloud? And how fast can you get it back? We conducted a series of experiments to find out. Discover the good, the bad and the ugly, right here!