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Using BackupAssist for Rsync with Amazon S3

Thursday, July 16th, 2009

A new feature in version 5.2.5 of BackupAssist is support for backing up to an Amazon S3 bucket via the service provided by

To set this up you will need

In your Amazon Web Services account, you will need to obtain your Access Key ID and generate a Secret Access Key. Then you will need to create an S3 bucket to use for your backups. See for a good introduction to these topics.

When you sign up for an account, you will be provided with a username and a private SSH key file. You will need to save the SSH key file somewhere on the machine on which you wish to run BackupAssist.

Once you have performed these preliminary steps, you are ready to set up your job in BackupAssist.
Create a new Rsync job and choose S3Rsync as the destination. If you want your job to run automatically each day, select the Mirror scheme. Next you will be presented with the S3Rsync server settings screen:

S3Rsync server settings screen

  • Rsync Server: this should be (the default setting) unless you have been advised otherwise by
  • Port: this should be 22
  • Path on server: you can leave this blank unless you want to set up multiple backup jobs using the same bucket (not recommended)
  • S3rsync username: your username supplied by (note: this is different to your Amazon username)
  • S3 bucket: the name of the S3 bucket you created
  • S3 id: your S3 Access Key ID
  • S3 key: your S3 Secret Access Key
  • Ssh key path: the location of the saved SSH key file provided by

Once you have entered these details, click Next to select which files you want to back up and then complete the job setup.