About Exchange Granular Restore


What is Exchange Granular Restore?

Exchange Granular Restore is a new add-on for BackupAssist that makes backing up and restoring Exchange data more efficient. It provides simpler Exchange protection through integration with current backups technologies in BackupAssist, like System Protection, File Protection and File Archiving.

Exchange Granular Restore can dig into these backups to locate and restore data, including individual items like emails or contacts. It also lets you search and preview items before you restore them to PST or Exchange Mailbox.

Why use Exchange Granular Restore?

Full support for Exchange 2013
Just one backup job for restoring both servers and individual mail items
Save on storage costs - One backup rather than two!
Use the full range of storage mediums available elsewhere in BackupAssist
Search and preview individual items before restoring them
Save valuable time configuring and managing a single backup job

What about licensing?

As a holder of a current Exchange Mailbox Protection license you will automatically receive a free license to Exchange Granular Restore.

We'll automatically set up the license, giving you full access to Exchange Granular Restore. You won't need to do a thing!

While Exchange Granular Restore is in beta, you will not need a license to use all its features. When the final product is released in the coming months, you can continue to backup your Exchange data, however you will need to purchase a license to restore your Exchange data.