Using Windows Server 2003?

BackupAssist v7.5.1 is for you

We know many businesses, government organisations and not for profits are still using Windows Server 2003. Don’t worry. We’ve still got your backups.

BackupAssist v7.5.1 offers:

Complete compatibility with older Microsoft operating systems including Windows Server 2003, SBS 2003.
VSS aware , backups using replication, archiving or imaging for all applications that use the Volume Shadow copy Service.
SQL & Exchange Server backups, with the ability to perform point-in-time restores of SQL databases and mailbox / mail item restores from Exchange Servers.

Add-ons for v7.5.1:



Effortlessly backup your IT infrastructure.
  • Use System ProtectionFile Protection and File Archiving for automatic backup of files, applications or complete 2003 Servers.
  • Backup Exchange, SQL and other VSS aware applications in real-time.
  • Schedule both daily and historical backups according to your needs with detailed reports, media labeling and notifications.
  • Create, manage and monitor your backups in real time both locally and remotely.
  • Create data containers for best-practice image backups on network, external disk, local drive and RDX destinations.
  • Move image backups across different supported media as required with full restore capabilities.



Rapidly retrieve the data you need.
  • Locate backups quickly and easily for painless, fast restores.
  • Search multiple backups or browse a single backup using the Restore Console
  • Use a single backup to restore Exchange databases, mailboxes or individual mail items.
  • Restore individual transactions or entire databases from SQL Servers.
  • Easily restore from a tape drive.



Quickly rebuild your entire system from a backup
  • Use RecoverAssist to create a customized bootable media.
  • Include support files, drivers and command line support into a custom recovery environment.
  • Add your desired recovery tools and applications to your recovery media
  • Perform a bare-metal recovery of your system and data with an image backup from a local drive, network share or iSCSI target.



Easily manage multiple machines remotely
  • Use MultiSite Manager to manage both v7.5.1 and v9 installations
  • Update BackupAssist installations across multiple sites
  • Remotely manage backup jobs and restores for each installation and site.
  • Remotely access reports and alerts on the status of each backup job.
  • Remotely customize and configure email reports.
  • Remotely manage licensing requirements for each site and machine.
Read more about MultiSite Manager.

Why use BackupAssist v7.5.1?

We’re continuing to develop, maintain and support BackupAssist v7.5.1 because we understand that a small number of our users’ operating systems will prevent them from upgrading to v8. 

You should use BackupAssist v7.5.1 and its Add-ons to back up and protect your Windows 2003 Servers and any data and applications that reside on those servers. 

In a mixed environment, v7.5.1 can also work seamlessly alongside BackupAssist v8, which is ideal for newer technologies including Windows Server 2008R1/R2 and Windows Server 2012R1/R2.

To learn more about the new technologies offered by BackupAssist v8, see our BackupAssist v8 release article.

Windows Server 2003 EOL & Migration

Windows 2003 server was released in April 2003 – over 11 years ago.  Microsoft has announced that all support for all versions of Windows Server 2003 will be terminated on July 14th 2015.  This is known as the End of Life (EOL) for the software.

This means that after July 2015, Microsoft will no longer provide any updates or fixes for Windows Server 2003.  Most importantly, there will be no security fixes or updates to address new issues. 

As such, migrating your operating systems beyond Windows Server 2003 is recommended before the EOL takes effect.  For Windows Server, this means migrating to Server 2008 or 2012.  It can be a significant undertaking, but it is an important one.

To help you do this, Microsoft provides a selection of resources on its Windows Server 2003 migration page.

We wish to advise you that in line with the EOL for Windows Server 2003, BackupAssist will no longer develop or update v7.5 after July 2015.  However, we will continue to offer support for v7.5.