12 Ways To Make Your SysAdmins Love You

SysAdmins love these things.

Looking for ways to make things easier on that handy IT guy or gal in your company? Just follow these easy steps to be the apple of their eye!

1. Make sure to save all your MP3 files on your network drive.

Why save things on the local drive? And there’s nothing SysAdmins love more than browsing through 100+ GB of music when they’re performing a server backup.

2. Never ever write down error messages

Always just click OK or restart your computer. SysAdmins love to guess what the error was. With a million possible causes, it’ll be teasing their brains all day.

3. Always open EXE files in e-mail attachments

EXE files are the safest type of file there is. Plus, it gives your SysAdmin a great reason to try out their anti-virus software. Nothing has ever gone wrong from an e-mail attachment.

4. When your SysAdmin says they’re coming right over, log out and go for coffee.

SysAdmins love interrupting your conversations.
Even better, start a group conversation that’s hard to for the SysAdmin to interrupt!

See number 2 for how much SysAdmins love a good brain teaser. For tech folk, it’s nothing for them to remember your password. There’s absolutely nothing else they have to remember.

5. When your SysAdmin is eating lunch or outside taking a breather, find them and ask them a tech-related question.

SysAdmins live to serve. Just like servers, they don’t need downtime. If you don’t get that reference, that should be the next thing you ask your SysAdmin. Don’t bother to listen to the answer. If there’s one thing SysAdmins love above all else, it’s repeatedly explaining the same thing to the same person. They just love to hear themselves talk.

Extra points if you ask them a computer related question in the supermarket. They’re always thinking about your computer. ALWAYS.

6. When the SysAdmin asks if you’ve installed new software, lie about it.

It’s probably not important at all, and it’s none of the SysAdmin’s business, right? Feel free to install whatever software you feel like on the work computers.

7. Bring your home PC into the office for the SysAdmin to repair for free.

Putting more on their plate just makes them happier, especially if it’s not even work related. When it comes to their annual review, they’ll be able to brag to their boss about how they fixed your home PC so you could Skype your family. Promotions all around!

(We’re just joking. SysAdmins don’t get promoted unless it’s to Management)

8. When your phone or photocopier breaks, tell your SysAdmin about it.

SysAdmins love printers.

It has electronics in it, so clearly it is within their area of expertise.

9. Don’t fill out request forms

They don’t want you to fill it out, it’s just a formality. It’s not like SysAdmins’s continued existence needs to be proven to management or anything.

10. Joke repeatedly about how your SysAdmin does nothing all day

They love this.

11. Question the need for anything they request in a pained voice.

Like “Why can’t we just keep the old software”, “Can’t we just use Windows Firewall” or “Do we REALLY need good backup software?” They’re clearly bringing these things to you because they have no impact on anything whatsoever. SysAdmins love to create problems to solve; their inbox is completely empty if they don’t make up stuff themselves.

12. Never, ever thank them

SysAdmins love to fix your stuff, but they’re not in it for regular things like appreciation.

 … Alternatively, do none of these things!

Did we say make SysAdmins love you? Whoops. We meant hate! Please do none of the above things. In fact, don’t forget to always show respect and appreciation for your SysAdmin. And don’t forget, they can read your mail!

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