15 Strange and Funny Google Suggestions

Fifteen Funny Google Suggestions

In this day and age, Google is the friend you can ask anything. And it will often ‘suggest’ a search based on what people before you have typed in. But some of those things are hilarious, if not a little disturbing.

Here at BackupAssist, we’ve gathered some of the funniest, quirkiest, and downright strange things that Google suggests based on previous searches. Read on if you dare; but your faith in humanity may not remain intact.

1. Lies. They Were Invented By NASA.

Funny Google Invented Dinosaurs

I’d totally be using my Delorian to go back in time. The only thing that’s stopping me is my fear of the mighty Tyrannosaurus.

2. Why Not, Eh?

Hilarious Google searches

So long as the Canadian is okay with it.

3. Going in Circles

Funny Google Searches about Investigators

Someone should try this out.

3. Try The Sunlight Test


If you sparkle in sunlight, it may just be the glitter from last night’s rave, not a sign you’re the walking dead.

Being a vampire doesn’t seem to be the only concern people have.

Funny Google Searches Werewolf

4. Who Doesn’t?

Hilarious Google Searches 2

It beats being a couch potato.

5. This Seems Like The Plot of a Bad Sci-Fi Movie

Funny Google Searches - 2

I’m sure it’s possible. How else would someone go about getting a boyfriend?

6. A Sound Question?

Why Not Google?

Probably the same reason 12 isn’t pronounced “Onety Two.”

7. Prosing a Question

Hilarious Google Searches 11

You should never admit this. Ever. Even to Google.

8. High in Ram and Carbs

My computer is a potato funny google search

That might be why it’s a bit fried.

potato computer funny

9. My Computer Hates English

My computer is eating my words

I presume this is by users who don’t know about the Insert key, but the phrasing is hilarious.

10. I run an Asus Casper with Frequent Ghosting

Funny google search my computer is haunted

If houses can be haunted, of course sometimes your computer can be too. It’s a problem most SysAdmins can deal with—that’s why they all carry around holy water.

11. Racking Your Brain


I hate when this happens.

12. There is only one answer to this question


…You run away. As fast as you can.

13. Popular UK Pastimes


Of course, you’re just pretending to be something made up by the CIA. (See Point 1)


14. Another Common UK Concern


I don’t think stop, drop, and roll is going to cut it.

15. Don’t you hate it when…


Yeah, I really do hate it when this potato.

Got Any Other Funny Google Suggestions?

Tell us your favorite, or post more of them here! Follow our blog for more quirky tech-related humor (or if you’re running one, server backup tips and tricks.)

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