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Exchange dead! Domain login unbelievably slow! Network shares disconnected! Domain Controller could not be located..? Thankfully we had a System State Backup…

Last Tuesday morning was not good for me. As the title of this blog suggests, a lot went wrong, and it happened all by itself. It never ceases to amaze me how Microsoft systems can break all by themselves. We have a SBS 2003 network, fairly small (about 15 workstations) with a very standard configuration


Hyper-V Backup Limitation – backing up pass-through disks

Hi all, We’ve been asked a few questions about pass-through disks. At the moment, our Hyper-V backup solution only works when the Guest HDDs are VHD files, not physical volumes. (A pass-through disk is where the disk is connected to the host, marked as “offline” on the host, and passed through to the Guest where


Hyper-V Backup – protecting specific VMs only

Hi all, You might have seen our solution for Hyper-V Backups – which involves imaging the host, and using the BackupAssist Granular Restore console to be able to “dig down” into the backups and into the guests to retrieve individual files and folders. However, I have been asked the question, “what if I only want