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Encryption Part 1 – Backup encryption

We often think of data protection as just backups, but encryption is also an important data protection consideration. This article looks at drive encryption, and how it is used to protect your data from unauthorized access.  


Exchange Server protection

A company or organization’s emails are not just a record of what car left its headlights on or whose birthday it is. Emails also contain a critical record of decisions, agreements, conversations and data. Protecting this information carries both legal and commercial obligations, and requires careful planning.


Creating consistent backups with VSS

If you create and administer backups, you will have heard the term VSS. You may even know that VSS runs in the background while a backup takes place. Knowing that is usually enough but if you’re customizing your backups or encountering VSS problems it helps to know more.

Product Releases

BackupAssist MultiSite Manager | Public Beta now available

*Edit to this article: The production release of MultiSite Manager is now available! Discover the full features here, or start your free 30 day trial today. We have been busy working on our new product, which is called BackupAssist MultiSite Manager.  It’s in beta right now, and before we launch it to the market we


SMB 3.0 Part 2 – Remote VSS backups

Our previous article looked at what SMB 3.0 is  in Windows Server 2012, and how it works. This article looks at the requirements for VSS with SMB 3.0, how to enable VSS support on a SMB 3.0 file share and how you can back up a remote VSS file share using BackupAssist.