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mission-critical business backups

Critical questions for mission-critical business backups

If you’re starting to hammer out a strategy for business backup, STOP!  Stop what you’re doing right now.  Because when it comes to your business’s mission-critical systems and data, there are some core questions you need to address right away. Trust us, if something goes wrong you don’t want to be asking yourself these questions

backup solution IT pros

Backup solutions: Top 5 features IT Pros look for

Struggling to decide on the ideal backup solution for your business?  It’s understandable.  Backing up your mission-critical systems, applications and data is no laughing matter and it makes choosing between backup solutions a difficult task. As with most things in life, following the lead of professionals can be a big help when it comes to choosing the right backup


10 tips for best practice Hyper-V backups

  Backing up Hyper-V virtual machines can become complicated once you factor in host data, volumes, domains, disks, VSS writers, services and the resulting issues that can arise. To keep the backups of your virtual machines as simple and robust as the environments themselves, we’ve put together a list of 10 tips for best practice Hyper-V

Cloud backup is like your flaky friend

5 ways cloud backup is like your flaky friend

We all have one.  That buddy we’re not really sure should be a buddy.  We haven’t known them for that long, but we spend more time with them than with people we’ve known for years. Because even though we’re not entirely certain they’ll really be there when we need them, they’re exciting and new and


Your competitors are changing to virtual machines – should you?

There’s a lot of hype about virtual machines.  It’s nothing new; lots of companies have been steadily making the shift towards virtualization for years now.  Chances are your competitors are already using them, so should you be?  Will they really revolutionize IT for your business?  Are they really worth the investment? Woah, so many questions! 

Windows Server Backup - 4 things the world cup can teach you

World Cup 2014: 4 valuable lessons you can learn about backup strategy!

Here at BackupAssist, we’ve caught World Cup fever!  With offices and staff in the US and Australia, hopes were never high for our home-teams to make the final, but oh boy they both put up a great fight.  Particularly team USA – wow! Having our home countries knocked out hasn’t stopped our enthusiasm for a


Six tips for best practice backups

This article takes a look at some key best practice backup tips. It’s worth taking the time to follow up on these points, because it’s always better to spend a few hours now getting your backups best-practice, than it is to spend a few days later on dealing with a crisis that could have been prevented.


6 hilarious gifs to help justify backup software in your budget

Having trouble explaining to your company’s accountants why backup software is a necessary expense?  It happens to the best of us.  Honestly, sometimes we think our accountants even resent letting us have the office lights turned on… At the end of the day, effective backup software is a core component to keeping your important data


Exchange backup software doing its job? Don’t risk important emails

Unless your business is planning on returning to carrier pigeons or the postal service (it’s debatable which would be less efficient), chances are your business has an Exchange Server.  Protecting its data with effective Exchange backup software should be a top priority, because it’s not just lost emails that you have to worry about.  When