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Happy Thanksgiving! Here’s what we’re thankful for this year

It’s that fantastic time of year again!  Quality time with the family.  More food than any human should eat in a lifetime – let alone in one sitting.  Floats, parades and a couple of days off from the 9-5 grind. We love Thanksgiving! But most important of all is to stop and think about everything

BackupAssist v8.2 now available

BackupAssist 8.2 is here – awesome new features!

We’re thrilled to announce that BackupAssist v8.2 is now available for download!  This version offers the most new features and improvements to our software since we first released version 8 back in June this year.  Properly protecting your systems, applications and data is easier and more powerful than ever before. Here’s what downloading v8.2 today


Not backing up a server? 4 examples of comparable insanity  

They say the true definition of insanity is performing the same action over and over, expecting a different result each time.  They’re wrong.  Huddle in now, because we’re going to let you in on a little secret – the true definition of insanity?  Not backing up a server!

data loss prevention - causes of data loss

4 causes of data loss you haven’t considered

Serious, mission-critical data loss is a nightmare scenario for most businesses.  If you have anything to do with data loss prevention for your business, you’ve probably spent time thinking of all the awful possibilities that could rob your business of its ability to compete in the digital economy.  Natural disaster, hardware failure, power outage, malware,


Restoring files and folders with Windows Server Backup

Before attempting to restore files and folders using Windows Server Backup from a drive image backup created with BackupAssist, make sure of the following: You are completing the restore with Windows Server 2008. Windows Vista only provides support for drive volume restore. The backup you wish to restore from is located on either an external


System state restore from a Windows Image

Using Windows Server backup on Windows Server 2008 or Windows Server 2012, you can restore your system state using the command line. A system state backup includes a backup of the Registry; COM+ Class Registration database; Boot files, including the system files; Certificate Services database; Active Directory service; SYSVOL directory; Cluster service information; IIS Metadirectory;


BackupAssist v8.2 sneak peek – new features!

The BackupAssist development team is working on our latest v8 feature release v8.2. Although the big release day of November 19th 2014 is still 7 sleeps away, we thought we’d give you a sneak peek of what to expect. You’re in for a treat!


Windows bare metal recovery

Using Windows Server backup on Windows Server 2008 you can recover your server operating system or perform a Windows bare metal recovery. An operating system restore will only recover critical drive volumes that contain system components; conduct the full server recovery should you wish to restore all volumes. Before attempting to complete an operating system


Difference Between Onsite and Offsite Backup

Every business knows the importance of backing up important data but not all understand how to best use onsite and offsite backup solutions . No matter how efficient a computer system appears to be, there is always the possibility of a malfunction wiping out valuable data. For this reason, many companies have set up backup

Meet Rick, BA technical writer

Meet the BA team! Rick – Technical writer

Want to know the people behind the software? Well, you’re in luck.  This is the start of a monthly series introducing you to the team behind BackupAssist.  Strap yourself in, you’re going to meet some strange characters!  This month, we’re introducing Rick – BackupAssist’s Technical Writer.