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BackupAssist v9.1 - major new features!

BackupAssist v9.1: Minor Release, Major New Features!

Were you excited when we first launched BackupAssist v9? With features like Rapid VM Recovery, Bootable Backups, and the Hyper-V Tab, who wouldn’t be? Bet you thought that with all those awesome new features, it’d be a while before we released something that jam-packed again. Some fixes here and there, the occasional slight improvement right? Wrong.


Tape Drive Management and BackupAssist

How to Set up your Tape Drive for use with BackupAssist Introduction BackupAssist will use any standalone tape device that is supported by the Windows operating system. This article explains how to ensure that BackupAssist will run with your hardware. Other tape drive solutions If other backup software products are installed, they may prevent BackupAssist


Remote Offsite Backup for your Data

Remote offsite backup solutions are typically built around a client software program that runs on a schedule, typically once a day, and usually at night while computers aren’t in use. The backup program typically collects, compresses, encrypts, and transfers the data to the remote backup service provider’s servers, or off-site hardware. If backups are a headache


Application consistent backup with VSS

If you create and administer backups, you will have heard the terms application-consistent backup and Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS). You may even know that VSS runs in the background while a backup takes place. Knowing that is usually enough but if you’re customizing your backups or encountering VSS problems it helps to know more.


Backup storage options for local backups

Accessing backup storage options To access the Backup storage options shown above: Click  Jobs in the navigation bar Double-click the job you want to edit. Click  Destination on the left menu. Click  Backup storage options to expand the section. Managing disk space on a local backup directory There are a number of ways in which disk space can be managed through BackupAssist on


Mapped network drives for backups

Accessing the global network paths list to allow mapped network drives Access the global network paths list and allow mapped network drives as shown below: Click  Settings in the navigation bar Click  Mapped network drives in the top right corner of the Settings Window. To learn more see our network paths page. Adding, editing and removing network paths lf you wish to


iSCSI target destinations with BackupAssist

Introduction BackupAssist v6.4 introduced the iSCSI target as a backup destination. This document outlines: Basic introduction to iSCSI. Speed Testing Comparison. Best practices for gaining the most success out of iSCSI. Configuring ‘software’ NAS using OpenFiler BSD. Configuring BackupAssist to write to your iSCSI destination. Some helpful troubleshooting tips and tricks for iSCSI. Need to


Incremental backups of Windows Server 2008.

The BackupAssist Help Desk has received a number of questions concerning how to perform incremental backups on Server 2008. These questions have emerged largely as a result of the removal of NTBackup from newer versions of Windows, which is a backup engine that offered a simple way of scheduling incremental backups on older Operating Systems,


Backup schedule selection – getting it right

When devising your data protection strategy, it is important that you choose the right backup schedule when configuring your backup jobs. BackupAssist offers a number of powerful, predefined schemes to satisfy most backup history and media rotation requirements. The schemes offered in BackupAssist vary according to the backup engine and the type of hardware device

system recovery - the most important factor

System Recovery: The Most Important Factor

There are a lot of things to consider when deciding on a backup solution, implementing a backup strategy, or just thinking about protecting your IT environment in general. What’s your backup window? How much storage will you need? Do you have enough redundancy? These are all important questions, but they pale in comparison to one vital


Ransomware – FBI Says Play Safe or Pay Up

It’s 4.55 PM on a Friday afternoon. You’re just about to clock off and go have a hard-earned beer, when a user calls your IT help-desk saying he can’t access any of his files and keeps getting a pop-up message that won’t go away. Already, your blood is starting to run cold, but just as you