Arquitectonica Protects Data with BackupAssist

A prominent architectural firm, Arquitectonica, has deployed BackupAssist to meet its business, legal and regulation compliance mandates.

Melbourne, Australia and BOSTON (May 30, 2018) BackupAssist®, a leading provider of automated Windows server backup and recovery software for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), today announced that it has been chosen and deployed by Arquitectonica, a prominent architectural firm, to protect and ensure the availability of all architectural and back office data in order to meet business goals, as well as comply with legal and regulations mandates.

With multiple offices around the world sharing data back and forth, Arquitectonica’s hybrid IT environment faced some significant challenges in relation to file backup and recovery. The company generates 4 to 5 terabytes of data each day (its primary applications are from Autodesk), with files ranging from architectural content to marketing material, back office billing records, and many other types of company and client information that needed to be quickly and easily accessed, as well as securely stored. Arquitectonica’s biggest goal and challenge when it came to backup and recovery was finding a solution that would be durable and reliable long-term.

“We had used another solution before BackupAssist, but we found it far too cumbersome to manage, but more importantly, it was close to impossible to find and retrieve anything older than 3 or 4 years. Even for data backed up within the last 2 years, it took an exorbitant amount of time and effort to find and restore it. And, during our busy times, it felt like we were constantly scrambling to respond to recovery requests,” said Gabriel “Gabe” Mejia, Chief Information Officer at XIT Global, Arquitectonica’s strategic IT consulting and management provider.

After reviewing and considering a range of backup solutions Mejia chose BackupAssist to 100 percent of his clients’ IT infrastructures, including Arquitectonica’s environment. With this unique backup and recovery software and its automated backup feature that’s essentially “set and forget,” the firm is now able to store its backups with ease, so the files will be easily and quickly accessible when they are needed.

Mejia explained, “The solution won me over as it answered my most important questions: ‘What happens next year—or a few years from now—if I move to a new backup solution or environment? Can I still restore using the new backup solution?’ I’ve found that only BackupAssist can truly do this—it keeps the files in their original format, so backups and restores are seamless.”

Arquitectonica has also deployed CryptoSafeGuard, BackupAssist’s built-in ransomware protection feature. CryptoSafeGuard uses a three-part defense strategy—to protect, detect, and respond—that protects backups from ransomware by stopping infected files from being backed up and preventing backups from being encrypted. “BackupAssist is one of the only solutions we know that offers this level of protection,” said Mejio. “We are very happy with it. We trigger a ransomware test attack two-times every day, and CryptoSafeGuard works every time.”

“Arquitectonica has designed its backup and recovery much like its buildings – innovative, rock solid and able to withstand the test of time,” said Troy Vertigan, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, BackupAssist. “With BackupAssist, Arquitectonica can rest assured that its data will be backed up and easily retrievable when it needs it to support all business, legal and regulatory requirements today, tomorrow and decades into the future.”

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About Arquitectonica
Founded in 1977, Arquitectonica is an architectural firm that has a major presence on the world architectural stage, with projects in 58 countries on five continents. Based in Miami with offices in New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Manila, Dubai, Lima, and Sao Paulo, Arquitectonica has received international acclaim for its bold modernism that became identified with a renaissance in Miami’s urban landscape. Considered a pioneer of globalization in the architecture profession, Arquitectonica has received hundreds of design awards. Principals Bernardo Fort-Brescia and Laurinda Spear continue to explore and push the limits of their innovative use of geometry, pattern, and color to introduce a new brand of humanistic modern design to the world. To learn more, please visit:

About BackupAssist
Founded in 2002, BackupAssist has offices in the United States and Australia. The company specializes in automated server backup and recovery software for small to medium size enterprises (SMEs), providing protection for physical, virtual and cloud environments. The company’s high value, multi-platform software is easy to manage and use, reliably supporting tens of thousands of customers in 165 countries. To learn more, please visit or call 812-206-1691.

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