BackupAssist 10 Feature Article: Insulated Encryption

In this BackupAssist 10 feature article, we’ll be talking about Insulated Encryption. This is a feature that protects your data sovereignty, even when it’s in the cloud, and makes sure it’s completely private.

BackupAssist 10 Feature Series

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  2. The Cloud Backup Job
  3. Data Deduplication
  4. Cloud Independence
  5. Insulated Encryption
  6. Resilient Transfers

What is Data Sovereignty?


Data sovereignty is the fact that information that is converted and stored in digital form is subject to the laws of the country in which it is located.

That means when you store your data overseas, it’s subject to international laws that are less stringent (or potentially more) than those at home that safeguard your individual and corporate privacy.

With the boom of the information era, data has become digital gold for many businesses. Meanwhile, many governments are playing a game of legal catch-up with the internet. In short, data sovereignty is something that many businesses may not want you to have, and something you’ve got to proactively enforce—both for your sake and for your customers.

To ensure your data sovereignty, BackupAssist 10 provides you with Insulated Encryption, which makes sure governments, cloud providers, and hackers can’t get at your data – only you can.

What is Insulated Encyption?


With BackupAssist 10, you can create military-grade encrypted containers to store your data in. This container stays intact when you send your data to the cloud, meaning your cloud provider can’t see or modify the contents. This is what we mean by Insulated Encryption – your container is completely insulated from any kind of interference.

Each container has an encryption key. Without this, it’s completely impossible for the cloud provider or a hacker to steal your data. Your container still benefits from being encrypted during transit (to protect from interception) as well as any encryption the cloud provider also uses to protect your data.

If you want to increase your security level further, you can create multiple containers and therefore multiple encryption keys – one per company, department, or even server.

In short? Insulated Encryption provides you with an extremely secure offsite backup ready for rapid retrieval. This feature works extremely well with Cloud Independence, which lets you choose the data center location your backups are being stored at.

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