BackupAssist 10 Feature Article: Resilient Transfers

In this BackupAssist 10 feature article, we’ll be talking about Resilient Transfers. This article is about a feature that makes sure that if your backup jobs are ever interrupted, you don’t have to send the same data twice.

BackupAssist 10 Feature Series

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  1. Full Feature List / Release Post
  2. The Cloud Backup Job
  3. Data Deduplication
  4. Cloud Independence
  5. Insulated Encryption
  6. Resilient Transfers

Resilient Transfers: Never Send The Same Data Twice


If there’s one recurring theme with BackupAssist 10, it’s “Never send the same data twice”. From Always-Incremental Cloud Backups to Data Deduplication, all the new features are designed to minimize bandwidth consumption, transfer times, and the space your data takes up in the cloud.

Resilient transfers is another one of these features. And unlike deduplication, it’s a very simple one to explain. In short, your days of having to restart a file transfer from scratch when your network goes down is over.

In the past, if you were performing an offsite backup with BackupAssist and the backup job was interrupted, you had to start from scratch. This was particularly painful if you were in the middle of transferring a very large file. And so, with BackupAssist 10, we decided to fix this issue once and for all.

Now, when your backup job stops, our software remembers the data you have sent, so you never have to send it twice. On top of this, if your connection drops out, BackupAssist doesn’t immediately quit on your job — it tries to resend your data after appropriate delays.

In short, BackupAssist 10 offers an even higher degree of redundancy for if things go wrong.

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