BackupAssist Classic v12.0.3r1 Fix Notification: File Archiving Backups

If you are running BackupAssist Classic v12.0.3 and are running File Archiving backups, your backups may be corrupted and you need to upgrade to v12.0.3r1. 

NOTE: This issue does NOT affect File Archiving to Tape Drives (Tape Archiving Add-on).


In v12.0.3 of BackupAssist Classic, (with the exception of Tape Drives) backups that generate Zip files greater than 4GB in size will encounter an error when trying to restore files that are less than 200MB in size. 


This issue has been addressed in v12.0.3r1, and if you are affected, you will need to follow these steps: 

  1. Upgrade from v12.0.3 to v12.0.3r1. 
  2. After upgrading to v12.0.3r1, you can continue your backups as normal with the existing job.
  3. However, please note that backups created by v12.0.3 will NOT be recoverable.

This issue was first discovered just over a week ago on June 23 2023. Following the release of v12.0.3r1, this scenario is now a standard inclusion in our QA test matrix. 

If you need further assistance, please contact our Technical Support team

*This article was first published on July 4 2023, and updated on July 5 2023.

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