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Backing up remote files via SFTP using BackupAssist 365 – an introduction and cyber security analysis

Many businesses have important files stored on remote machines – such as websites, transaction logs, and router logs. With the ever-present threat of hacking, it has never been more important to have a robust backup plan. We will examine the “pull” vs “push” method of backing up remote content and discuss how BackupAssist 365 can help you achieve offsite backups of remote files.

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Tomorrow, it’ll be the 20th anniversary of our company’s incorporation!

Back in 2001, when I started the company, it was a complete (and naïve) leap of faith into the unknown. Like many before me, I started with no capital, no experience, no product, and only a vague idea that I wanted to create a business that had something to do with computer software.

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Switching cloud storage providers with BackupAssist

It’s common to shop around for a better deal – better health cover, a cheaper mortgage rate – and the same is true for cloud storage. What might have been the ideal solution for your business twelve months ago may now not be today. So what if you want to switch where you store your cloud backups?

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What affects the speed of backups and recoveries in BackupAssist ER?

We often hear from clients that the feature set of BackupAssist ER makes it a cost-effective alternative to DRaaS solutions – with key features being able to cut downtime to just a few minutes by virtualizing the recovery on-premise, and to be able to fully recover from the cloud copy of the backup.

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The effect of CPU on cloud backup and recovery speeds in BackupAssist ER

Using the D2D2C capability of BackupAssist ER is a great way to get your full system backups into the cloud. If you’re seeking the ultimate performance for backup or recovery, it’s worth noting that the speed of the CPU on the client machine can make a difference in high performance network environments. Here’s some pointers on how to get the most out of BackupAssist ER.