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Microsoft: “Safely removing” USB flash drives is not necessary

Microsoft has finally confirmed you don’t need to safely eject a flash drive before ripping it out (at least when it’s not writing).

Study: Physical Servers Still More Popular Than Cloud

Is it really the age of cloud? New Spiceworks research shows 98 percent of businesses are still using on premises servers, and it’s entirely by choice.

A First Look at Microsoft’s Chromium-Powered Edge

The future is eternal, shiny and Chrome. Here’s a first look at Microsoft’s Chromium-powered Edge – a Chrome browser with Microsoft touches slapped on.

Microsoft’s New Security Service Uses Humans, Not AI

It seems humans aren’t obsolete just yet in the digital world. Microsoft has decided to use security experts instead of AI to detect threats to your systems.

SysAdmins Want Reliable Servers, not ‘Features’

If a server isn’t reliable, what’s the point? That’s the overwhelming response from a survey of over a thousand IT pros who ranked it their #1 concern.

Cost of Win 7 Security Updates Will Double Yearly

Are you using Windows 7? While you may know you’ll have to pay for updates after January 2020, you may not have heard how much they will cost.