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The Best Ways to Destroy Backup Media

When you write backups to any sort of media, eventually that media is going to wear out and need to be replaced. So the question is, how do you dispose of it properly? If you’re creating […]

BackupAssist 10 Feature Article: Resilient Transfers

In this BackupAssist 10 feature article, we’ll be talking about Resilient Transfers. This article is about a feature that makes sure that if your backup jobs are ever interrupted, you don’t have to send the same […]

A Copy With No Original: How No Backups Nearly Killed A Bandicoot

Full admission; I’m a gamer. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, it means someone whose hobby is to play video games. We’re not talking candy crush mobile apps, perish the thought. We’re talking […]

Why Backups Equal Human Progress

Backups have been around a lot longer than you’d think. In fact, they’ve been vital to humanity’s progress right from the beginning. And without them, we’d still be stuck in the stone age.

BackupAssist 10 Feature Article: Insulated Encryption

In this BackupAssist 10 feature article, we’ll be talking about Insulated Encryption. This is a feature that protects your data sovereignty, even when it’s in the cloud, and makes sure it’s completely private.

Your Forbidden Drives: Are they IT’s Biggest Taboo?

They’re there to be used, but nobody ever speaks of it. Instead, both home users and IT professionals alike just pretend they don’t exist. For some, it’s ignorance. For others, it’s tradition. In the end, though, […]