Fourteen Computer Puns That Only Tech Heads Will Understand

Best computer Puns ever

We’ve compiled a great list of Computer Puns for you to read! Read this article ansi what made the cut!

Forwarning: We apologise in advance if any of these bug you. We acknowledge that as far as tech puns go, these really byte.

1. When data can’t drive, it takes the bus.

2. Old programmers never die. They just don’t C very well, or C#.

3. Dead hard drives should be encrypted.

4. If you steal my copy of Microsoft Office; I will find you: You have my Word.

5. A SQL statement walks into a bar asks 2 tables if he can join them.

6. There are two kinds of SysAdmins—those who back up and say UPS before a power supply outage, and those who do it after.

7. I hear there was a raid a couple of blocks away. Things went down, but there was a quick recovery. Apparently there was backup.

8. My boss wanted to know if I could change the DNS server settings. I told him ICANN.

9. My wife wanted me to drop the kids at school. She knows I’m a master of drag and drop.

10. I watched the NAS car. It was clear they had a hard drive.

11. “There’s a ship over there sending a DOS!” “Don’t you mean SOS?” “No, it’s a Sea Prompt.”

12. I’m trying to Exchange my family. Meanwhile I’m maintaining a positive Outlook.

13. How am I with PowerPoint? You could say I Excel at it.

14. I told my boss we should get rid of unwanted redundancy. I got booted.

Got any great Computer Puns or jokes? We’d love to hear them!

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