Cyber-Resilience Should Never Be Optional!

Throughout 2020 most SMBs have been forced to engage in cost cutting measures and making decisions based on the perceived criticality of a service or resource to the future of their business.

I would suggest that protection of your company’s (your Client’s) information from Cyber-attacks is too important to ever be allowed to lapse. This means that protection from ransomware, access to and implementation of all updates and upgrades, as well as taking the time to routinely conduct test restores from your backups, should not be allowed to fall victim to short-sighted cost reductions.

If human capital is the heartbeat of a business,
then data is the oxygen needed to keep it beating.  

The reality is that Cyber risks should be viewed the same as any other threats to business continuity.  Organizations encounter fire or natural disasters, and they have safety measures against these traditional threats. Risks are inevitable and can come sooner or later. The good news is that Cyber-threats are preventable and manageable with the right cyber resilience strategy.

RSI Security clearly addresses its importance. Cyber resilience is essential because it has numerous benefits to an organization before, during, and after cyberattacks.

These benefits are as follows:

Enhancing system security.
Cyber resilience does not only help an organization respond to an attack and survive it quickly. By incorporating a cyber resilience program, an organization can develop and design strategies that can be delivered around its existing IT infrastructure. It also helps boost safety and security across the system and decreases the possibility of cyberattacks.

Reducing financial losses.
Regardless of how good is the IT security of an organization, the fact is that no entity is immune to cyberattacks. For small to medium enterprises, the financial damage of data breach is over a hundred thousand, according to reports. For big organizations, it is over a million. Additionally, if a security attack is successful, it will also cause damage to the organization’s reputation in the field. It may also increase the financial damage. If an organization has cyber resilience, the effect of the attack will be lessened, and so is the financial losses.

Complying with regulatory and legal requirements.
Meeting legal requirements is also a valuable benefit in integrating cyber resilience in an organization. Compliance with legal regulations will aid the organization’s security system such as the Network and Information Systems (NIS) directive which requires every organization “to take appropriate security measures and to notify serious incidents to the relevant national authority.” There is also the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that promises to protect data privacy and restructure the way organizations approach data privacy.

Enhancing work culture and internal process.
The goal of every employee of any organization must be the security of data and other IT infrastructures. When people are inspired to take security seriously in their organization, sensitive information and physical assets are more likely in good hands. The organization should reinforce the right security behavior within each department and reduce human errors that expose sensitive data.

Protecting an organization’s reputation.
If an organization doesn’t have cyber resilience, the damage done by cybercriminals is challenging to control. Cyber resilience prevents an organization from public scrutiny, fines from regulators, and an abrupt reduction in sales, or worse, loss of business.

Maintaining the trust of suppliers and customers.
It is essential to have cyber resilience to maintain trust from suppliers and the public that an organization took many years to build. If an organization has an ineffective approach to cyber resilience, it can potentially experience severe damages, including restitution to suppliers and customers whose confidentiality has been breached.

Improving the organization’s IT team.
One of the benefits of cyber resilience is that it improves the operations of the IT department daily. An organization with cyber resilience develops a hands-on IT team that is visible across the whole work environment. IT professionals steadily advance and act as cybercriminals become more evolved.

By maintaining and using BackupAssist’s BackupCare you will always have access to the latest updates and upgrades you need to maintain high cyber resilience, as well as the protection from ransomware attacks that is provided by CryptoSafeGuard.

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