How to Disable Windows Store in Win 10 Pro

Sick of Windows Store? Here's how to get rid of it (and stop your users from downloading Minecraft on business PCs).

Windows Store was designed to deliver more secure personal computing. However, the truth is that not all apps from the store are safe – or desirable in a work environment.

This is why sometimes it is worth stopping users from being able to access the store at all. Here’s how to get rid of Windows Store for Windows 10 Professional users. If you have Windows 10 Enterprise, you can also disable it by Group Policy.

Step 1: Locate the Windows Store

Locate the Windows Store by going to C drive.

> Program Apps

> WindowsApps (This is hidden by default. Make it visible by changing the view folder options)


Push the Windows Logo and type “Run”, then input “%programfiles%” without the quote.

Step 2: Adding SRP or Software Restriction Policies

Push the Windows Logo in your keyboard and type in secpol.msc

Navigate to tor Computer Configuration> Windows Setting> Security Setting> Software Restriction Policy

Right click to add Additional Rules and create New Path Rule under that.

Step 3: Applying the Path Rule

Now that we created the New Path Rule and know the Windows Store location, type in the following to path field;


Step 4: Restart the System Unit

Once you restart the unit, it should be working!


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